An early dose of bigotry

Nothing quite makes my morning like the ability to wake up and enjoy that which is my Communications 210 Class. The basics of the class are really quite simple. First I wake up at 9:00am 30 minutes before the class, drag myself to the bus stop, take the 3 minute trip down the road, hop out and enjoy a lovely class whose entire focus is only on Debate. Now so far, we’ve been told very clearly to avoid subjects of religion or rather not to debate religion, and apparently that is pretty much the only thing off-limits in the class [really it disappointed me.] The funny thing here of course is that it hasn’t stopped my fellow students from making speeches that are pretty much “lol religious belief idealized in debate form”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I probably should debate the fact that I’ve had to listen to this, but at this point it’s really the last thing I need. The Professor has already stated that he’s not to fond of my “Tendency to do things my own way” as he put it.

This morning’s treat was quite special, I got to listen to the reasons that Proposition 8 was not only perfectly legal, but why the Homosexual community will clearly do fine if we just leave them with the whole “civil union thing”. Compared to the last speech on thermodynamics and how it proves creationism, this one was actually something I could listen to without feeling my brain die from a complete lack of oxygen. That’s not to say it didn’t make me feel physical pain, but it wasn’t quite so terrible in that he actually tried to use evidence that wasn’t simply “Well in Leviticus it says we shouldn’t be having the gay sex”. The speech went over 3 basic tenants which were essentially: The economy wouldn’t be improved by enough so really there’s no reason to allow it, civil unions work out just fine, marriage comes with taxes that someone wouldn’t want. If I recall correctly it was a refutation speech in response to something written in our own local newspaper here on campus.

While being a heterosexual male myself, I can’t help but feel sorry for the bigotry shift that does occur in this nation to whichever target happens to be on the chopping block. He made the argument that the legislation banning gay marriage wasn’t like the legislation regarding mixed race marriages on the basis that even in a mixed race marriage you could still produce a child, so marriage didn’t have to be redefined. This of course treads on half a dozen logical fallacies but I’ll start with the most obvious, the idea that marriage can’t be redefined. This is coming from the same group of people who chose to break away from the Catholic church just because they wouldn’t get the chance to chain divorce a series of women and later behead some of them “just because”. I’m not saying the entire Christian religion is filled with people who simply want to marry a woman than realize they don’t actually have the ability to communicate in a relationship, but what I am saying is that you don’t get to say “Don’t redefine Marriage”, when the group your coming from seems to go about redefining every century or so in order to fit whatever social change everyone else has finally gotten you to accept.

Really it just amuses me that anyone gives two flying fucks who marries what. If someone wants to marry a tree, than so be it, if the tree can sign the piece of paper at the end of the day than let it. If you want to argue that religion and marriage are sacred and only religion can hand out marriages, than two things.  One of course being don’t give marriage government meaning, and two realize that your religion isn’t the only one that hands out marriage vows and some of the more liberal religions out there truly don’t care.

He continued on and I really couldn’t help but think “This isn’t a debate, this man is just spewing bigotry”, of course I couldn’t stand up and say that in class for 2 reasons. The first being that it’s just rude to stand up during another persons speech, the second being that I doubt very much if my professor would have agreed or cared. It’s a relatively conservative university and I should probably expect this kind of behavior but if you’re not going to let me make fun of Zombie Jesus day, I think I should be able to opt out of things I find offensive, stupid, dull, or otherwise poorly delivered.

Here’s hoping the rest of the day isn’t filled with such delightful reminders that I don’t actually live in a corn field in the middle of Indiana. Also 20 points to WordPress for developing a sort of “grammar check” somewhere along the way.

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