And the very first thing that I find on Twitter is…

So in an attempt to pretend that I have some cares about this whole Web 2.0 movement, it occurs to me that about once a year I start to Blog. I’m not really sure what compels me to blog once a year, nor am I very sure why I come to a sudden halt either. I also know that every time I make a blog, I swear to myself and the internet that I won’t slack off this time. Of course I’m going to change things up this time, and say up front that I have no clue if I have intentions of operating this blog, I just got bored on a Sunday night, and I couldn’t bring myself to make a nasty fusion of Blog technology and Forum when WordPress / Proboards pretty much do that for me.

So as part of this welcome to the world of tomorrow kind of atmosphere, I have discovered that I’m finding myself on more and more sites that ultimately reveal my totally not secret web identity. At this point it occurs to me that the username “fullphaser” is all but synonymous with me. I’m not really sure if that makes me cool, but it does give me a certain since of smug internet pride that I’m not just some “herp a derp, cloud 177”, and to whomever is running around as cloud177 you knock that off right now and you come up with some originality boy.

I also noticed that in my previous attempts to Blog I did 2 things, the first of which was me trying to post a blog every day, and when I didn’t post something, I would undoubtedly come up with some useless piece of trivial text and throw it on the web so that my dreams of becoming an internet celebrity could come true. Of course, the real issue here is that its probably one of the single worst ways to go about blogging there is, and it will really just ruin everything you know and love. I recently finally got around to reading Maddox’s page because it had surfaced once again on Reddit, and I felt compelled to figure out why he was such an internet sensation. And for the most part its incredibly simple, he did something that any average human being could accomplish, it was just unique enough to stand out, and it was just funny enough to hold an audience’s attention for more time than it takes to go find out if that smiley in the banner really is willing to give you a new PS3.

And he mentioned something about the fact that he really doesn’t update that often, and it has to do with the fact that as long as you put out something of quality, eventually someone will come along to find it. Now with that having been said, no amount of quality will ever escape this keyboard, because lets face it, even if I pretend to have even the smallest understanding of the English language; My writing skills are terrible. For instance in that last sentence alone I think there are no less than 3 commas and 1 semicolon. I’m no expert but that has got to be breaking some kind of magical law of English.

But I digress, obviously you’re here not for this smug, self centered, egotistical and in my mind witty conversation with the pretty blue box on my screen, but rather you’re here because that god awful title got your attention. What with it’s “Twitter” and ” first”, a virtual honeypot for all manner of troll in my country. Anyway, hilarious tidbit aside, when I went to actually update my profile, I was delighted to find I had managed to bring down twitters collection of hamster wheel powered Blade Servers:

Twitter Failure

Haha, it really is true, it's as stable as an egg carton

But making fun of twitter aside, I guess this is my long winded introduction back to the world of Blagging it up a bit. Lets hope this time I don’t get distracted by something terrible like WoW, or even worse women [They say they start to fall from the sky after you quit WoW. Counting the days it has been at least 7 since I quit WoW, not one single woman has fallen from the sky, I call BS].

Oh yeah, and if you know any English Majors, be sure to direct them here, I like it when I know I make anybody with a decent bit of comprehension in the English Language or Grammar Skills bleed out their eyes.

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