It be a zombie invasion

So I managed to get a hold of one those hilarious little gems while browsing /f/ a couple of weeks ago. The basic premise of the game is simple. You are a mad scientist and you have created a bomb that you can drop that will turn nearby victims into zombies. This will in turn cause the zombies to go out and try to turn their former brethren to your side. The style is quite simple, and the game doesn’t really have more than 3 solid hours of gameplay, but for a flash game it really is something to distract you from the problems of life and give you some time to let your zombie minions devour hundred if not thousands of innocents.

The game is presented from a top down perspective, and you are given a map with a series of towns which you can choose from [some are grayed out, and as you accomplish missions [which amounts to kill x many humans] you are allowed access to bigger and more heavily defended towns. For each human you kill / zombify you are given an amount of cash depending on how wealthy the town is. You can use this cash to buy upgrades like a more powerful starting explosive, or perhaps make your zombies more resistant to the constant amount of gunfire.

If you’re interested by the way here’s a link: Infectonator World Dominance.

But I thought I might give you a goofy walk through based on the amount of information that I was able to collect while beating the game, and whatever tips and hints you might want to hear. Let me first say that the game isn’t to tough, as you’re basically just responsible for dropping the zombie bomb, and your little minions will do the rest. You’re given 500 gold starting, and give that there are 5 stats in the little research tab, and they all cost 100 a piece, you can imagine its to get you to make a very basic starting zombie strong enough to take on whatever it will run into. You start off fighting a small village in africa, and that will lead you down the path to the world around you. The first thing to learn about this game is there is a pretty good chance that during the early stages you won’t actually accomplish whatever mission objective was set forth, and honestly you can take the first couple of days to just get used to placing the bomb in a cozy starting spot and letting it go to work. If you want my opinion on what upgrades to get, I strongly suggest getting the 3 of the stats up: Attack, Speed, and Damage Resistance. After that you’re going to want to buy the upgrades to the initial bomb so that it goes out and infects more people when it explodes. And after that you want to get the upgrade the allows the initial explosion to go through walls. Because if there is anything that the early game plagues you with its walls and gunfire. You want to work on pretty much the first 3 starting villages in Africa until you can actually destroy one. You can probably knock out the first 2 with a pretty good degree of ease. Once that’s done it will unlock the middle east and south America. If you go off to south america the starting town is incredibly easy to destroy completely, and you will be rewarded with access to central america, If you follow the chain there [none of the towns should be to tough, just keep upgrading the initial zombie bomb, and help your zombies with the speed / attack / damage resistance so that they can do the damage and survive the guards], you will stumble into Jamaica which will contain the corpse of Micheal Jackson. And the great thing about this particular city is that not only does it have loads of easy to farm cash for starting to build up those early game stats, but you also get your first hero unit. And from there, the game really just kind of continues downwards [as most of these games do] until the point that it reaches the end game, and you’re more trying to keep from killing every citizen. But the glorious zombie blood fest in between is fun.

There is an achievement to get all the upgrades, but it is well beyond me as to how one may go about doing that particular element, as the upgrades in total probably rack up into the billions, and even by the end game I was trying to just farm money, but the zombies were so strong that they would simply destroy the entire town whether I wanted to or not, and I couldn’t bring in more than 100k / town because of the issues with how much money you can pull in via the little magnet even fully upgraded. But I digress, the one thin I was curious about, but figured that no one had covered is “Where are all the heroes?”.

Where the Heroes at?

Micheal JacksonIn Jamaica, he has a little grave, and you don’t actually have to kill him [he’s already dead]. Your zombies will stumble across it like they would a car, and trip it, and lucky for you there are  a ton of little blue gems inside which is easy farm-able cash.  You can also stumble across him in California, but I figure by that point you likely already have him. He’s a pretty useful hero because when he spawns [depending on his level] he will also spawn several zombies with him. He’s a useful drop if you have a bunch of agents who won’t be affected by the zombie bomb.

The Tank – He’s in the second town in the middle east [I have never actually seen what you kill in order to get the tank, the town is small so whomever is playing the tank is often killed so quickly that I have no clue who it was supposed to be [as each of the heroes are based off some real world counterpart]. He’s probably he least useful of all the heroes, he’s pretty much just one giant mega zombie with an AOE stomp.

Col. Sanders – He’s in Kentucky, he also shows up in several other cities across the globe along with the McDonalds clown, but I’m not sure if this is only after you have killed him in Kentucky or not. Though if I was going to have to take a guess, I would say that he probably doesn’t have to be fished out in any particular location, I just know he always spawned for me in Kentucky. He’s probably the only hero that could actually murder off my zombies even at a reasonable strength, it might be good to drop a tank on him to kill him. Once you get him he has perhaps the most abusing and useful ability. He drops a number of chickens [depending on his level] and they go around and do zombie chicken things [like absorbing gun fire]. Defiantly a top pick in the hero category.

McDonalds Clown – He showed up for me in London, but I’m not really sure if he has his own hometown or not… but I know he was there and I ate me a clown. That said, of all the heroes he’s probably the most worthless. He shit’s these burgers on the ground and if a human walks by them, they are zombified. I’m not really sure how useful this particular ability really is, but I do know I wouldn’t trust the clown to any mission critical work. He’s probably even more useless than the tank.

Boomer Clause – It’s Santa, and he lives in the 3rd town in Greenland, and sadly I must admit, that by this stage in the game, even letting MJ loose with 8 zombies was probably more than enough to take out a town with a population of 300. So Santa sadly didn’t get to see much action. He threw presents at me when he was alive, and it seems that he is taking a cue from the Left For dead series in the afterlife, he will spew bile and vomit and turn others into zombies, Useful I suppose, but like I said I really didn’t get the time to use him as by the time I found him, I only had 3 cities left to destroy.

Spiderman – He’s in New York, and if you’re like me, you went through New York the first time, managed to kill off enough citizens to get mission accomplished and move to california. It didn’t occur to me what  the venom sprite actually was until I went back to New York and saw spiderman walking around. He has the nifty ability to shoot webs, and freeze people in place which I suppose is useful.. On a side note of all the dead creatures he’s the easiest corpse to spot on the field.

But yeah, if you have a few hours, just go play around if you are a strategy game fan. I found it amusing, and worth the 3 hours after dinner I spent playing it and goofing around with my UI in WoW, knowing full well I need to get the account sold here soon [its running out of gametime, and I’d like to finish off some things that will make it more appealing to buy… don’t question my logic >.>].

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