Oh… It was the Homosexuals

In a move that was taken right out of the crazy handbook, a High Ranking official within the catholic church has finally found the reason that we shouldn’t be upset with the Catholic church that children are being molested. That’s right, according to Tarciso Bertone, the clear reason that so many children are coming face to genitals with priesthood of the catholic church has more to do with the clear number of homosexuals on the planet. I, for the sake of trying not to laugh during class, am going to completely ignore the fact that to have sex with an altar boy would in fact make your priest homosexual… but that’s not even the tip of this iceberg. The issue doesn’t even to begin to cover all that is wrong with the way the Catholic Church is handling this.

They have been the defensive and been pretty good about about avoiding the fact that they seem to have an issue with their priest having sex with children. Instead they have gone about to blaming pretty much anything that moves or walks in order to make it look less like they have an issue at heart and more like they are the victim in this case. The only way I can even begin to justify this would be the saying “Well not all catholics are pedophiles, and not all pedophiles are catholic priest, but there is a terrible correlation”. The issue here is that if there are Mormons, Baptist, or another relevant church that are having a rampant case of the pedo-pox than the media certainly hasn’t noticed it. And that’s really where the core of this issue is at. The catholic church needs to come to terms with the fact that they have an issue of internal affairs. It’s like watching an addict deny they have a problem (You leave World of Warcraft out of this >.>), and pretend like it is someone else who has caused all the misery and guilt that has come about because of this.

Now honestly, the general hatred for the Homosexual folks out there from the Catholic Church isn’t that much of a surprise. It’s popular enough to hate on homosexuals outside of the strictly conservative, and if there’s any organization that can pull off the crazy conservative when they need to, it’s the Catholic Church. So honestly, them going after the homosexuals isn’t really a surprise at all. The issue at hand is that they have to come to terms with the fact that celibacy is working about as well any other plans which attempt to keep creepy people non sexual. It probably doesn’t help that the Catholic church considers masturbation a sin, and openly condemns the use of birth control. It’s like this chain of “Sex Is Bad” leading to a path of “JESUS CHRIST YOU CAN’T HAVE SEX WITH THAT”. I mean honestly, the problem the catholic church seems to have has a lot to do with their complete lack of ability to have a conversation on sex.

So here’s my suggestion to the Catholic Church, we’re going to be going through a basic health class, so that they can actually start to understand why it is that procreation with young  children is probably not the correct way to approach the situation, and more importantly than that, when you’re caught with your robe down, you need to start dishing out some serious repercussions. Even as an atheist, judging by the book that gets hawked my direction every so often, I’m pretty sure the deity of the Catholic church would be rather disappointed if his followers didn’t think pretty lowly of people having sex with children. And because maybe this hasn’t sunk into the minds of those watching this story, and it needs a bit of emotional appeal, I’ll just remind you again. CATHOLIC PRIEST ARE HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN. I know that South Park has already covered this parody of reality, but when you make that parody a reality we can’t all help but be disappointed. I don’t imagine your followers are all to proud of the leadership either, and for the most part it would seem that the average number of Catholic’s are honestly of the liberal persuasion, or if not liberal they tend to be more moderate. It seems to only be the church itself that would find itself at a Tea Party meeting.

So really, this falls back on the followers to the Catholic Church, maybe you need to say something about the fact that the leadership of your church aren’t willing to do anything about PRIEST HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN. I know none of you are to happy with it, and probably also realize that something needs to be done about it, that doesn’t involve trying to continue to bail these priest out.

Anyway, that’s my gg rage for the day.

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2 Responses to Oh… It was the Homosexuals

  1. theresa says:

    To forgive, excuse or overlook (something); To allow, accept or permit (something); To forgive (marital infidelity or other marital offense)

    you mean the catholic church does NOT condone the use of birth control.

    • fullphaser says:

      Quite, I meant to say condemns, it appears Google Chrome wasn’t sure what word I had spelled incorrectly and I wasn’t paying attention when I let it correct it.

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