Rise of the Eldrazi!

Magic the gathering for those who aren’t familiar with the money hole is a game myself and many of my friends have kept up with for the past couple of decades. I got into it back when Magic was really just starting to see popularity in the early school days. Exodus had just been released, and I remember going with my Grandmother to EB games where they had the starter decks. The art was fantastic, the cards had cool rules and I remember falling in love with it from the get go. To this day, I’ve never really stopped loving magic  and I’ve grown up watching Magic slowly fall away from the mainstream and back into its corner. It does have its ebbs and ties, but with card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and the likes, Magic was pushed away from most kids and is now something I really only see among a rare set of my friends. I’m also probably a much better player than when I started, I remember as a kid I ran this ridiculous 5 color deck that would never work for anything, with a great number of ridiculous cards, but having no knowledge of the rules [or not really enough to know what to do with them] I just kind of add libbed what kind of cards had what kind of affects, and really just kind of made things up as I went. I finally bumped into some folks who had been tournament judges who basically told me “Hey knock that shit off, your shivan wurm while good is not THAT good”. And now these days I pretty much just run around with one old legacy deck that makes use of Isochron Scepter and counterspell, two cards that should never really be within a 5 mile radius of each other. Eventually the deck wins by forcing the opponent to either call it a draw, or me dropping some nasty card like the Blue 6/6 that steals spells on counter on the field to finish off whatever is left of their life total.

But the Timmy inside me has heard great news, it would seem that I don’t have to be a terrible human being in casual play anymore [the iso deck isn’t so welcome at local groups any more, because lets face it, it’s not a fun deck to play against]. But Rise of the Eldrazi has brought to the field some new giant, massive, awesome fatties. These fatties are gods from out of this world


And I jizzed in my pants

This thing is so timmy its awesome. there is no real confusing rules, this creature just comes on the field and when it does that music from Yu-Gi-Oh when the Egyptian god cards were played. It’s such a beat stick I think that it deserves a theme song or something, something that is so awesome and maybe from 40k.  But that isn’t even the best part there are more cards from this set, and they are all superhuge fatty powerhouses.

Only 20 mana

It's a Wish on a stick

Now note, that these things will probably not be showing up in tournament standard, not only are these things super-massive in terms of mana cost, but the meta game is moving much faster than these creatures will ever see the field. So I wouldn’t rely heavily on these showing up in the meta game, because even with the temple and the little creatures to sac for mana, the creatures still have a terrible mana cost. It seems like red and black in this set will be the ones to pump out the little sac for mana creatures, so if you were to go with any colors, I would probably go with those. But honestly from the “Fun” perspective of the game, I would love to run these with some cloud post / urza tron / vesuva and maybe the temples they released in this set. I don’t really have any ideas past that, but it just seems like it would be so very much fun.

It seems the rest of standard has introduced this new leveling idea, which unlike the planes walkers actually makes sense, isn’t to over powered, and looks like fun, though I do have to question why in the world they didn’t do it in the form of “For each damage a creature does add an xp counter” or something of the likes, but I’m sure Wizards R&D thought of that early on and have a perfectly good reason for the rule being based off mana rather than damage dealt. Past that though, the set looks like the first refreshing take I have seen on magic to make it more attractive to some of the older players who were not feeling some love. I don’t imagine players will be brought back in droves like Timespiral seemed to do, but it will be interesting enough to see some of these cards in casual play [where I think magic truly belongs].

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