Someone at Blizzard just rolled a money joint.

If you haven’t heard, that mount that was hiding around in the 3.3.3 ptr files has finally been released. I’m talking of course about the Celestial mount that everyone thought was going to drop somewhere in the planned release of Ruby Sanctum somewhere down the line. But apparently that was never the plan at all, In fact, it would seem that someone over at blizzard is sitting on such a large pile of money right now that they feel the need to come up with yet another idea to dip into their customers pocket books for whatever reason. I think Blizzard figured out about 6 months ago after seeing how well the Celestial Tiger Mount was going for on Ebay and wanted in on that trade. And knowing they were pretty much the only source of this content, knew that they could milk this idea for all it was worth. So a little while ago they released a series of pets for their players [The Panderan Monk and Little K.T.]. The idea of course for this was that players could skip trying to make it through the cards and just flat up sell the content to their customers through their website. I’m not sure what profit monster at Blizzard finally came around to making this call, but based on the number of those pets that I have seen running around when I was playing the game, I can tell you this, Blizzard has converted their stock option to a private island option, where you just start to invest in small private islands across the world as a form of new currency, and whomever has the most private islands wins the game.


I ❤ Your Money

Well, having followed up on the success of the Little KT and friends, Blizzard came up with yet another brilliant idea. They decided that they could probably get away with selling more pixels to players, and maybe even send them a stuffed animal. I’m pretty sure they got the idea after someone on the blizzard forums made a plush moonkin , and so blizzard added yet another thing to their list. This time it came in the form of the addition of one more game only pet for $10, and 2 new stuffed animals in the form of the various flying mounts of the 2 factions in the game. They would ship you a pet to your house, and then they would proceed to send you a little version of the pet in-game. So really it was a great 2 for 1 deal in that you were getting this nifty pet in the mail, and you also got a nifty pet in the mail… Wait. Long story short, I can also attest that these things are selling like hotcakes as well.


This is a Flying Cash Cow

But seeing as this was bringing in money, Blizzard realized “Well hell, if they will buy this, what else will they buy”. So I’m pretty sure they were more than happy when MMO champ managed to dig that little flying horse out of their PTR files and show the world, because they managed to do all the viral marketing that Blizzard wasn’t going to have to take care of. You see,  they are selling those Celestial Mounts for 25$ a pop, and better than that, it appears that this horse is limited edition. I don’t have any clue how many they started off with, but based off post that I’ve been watching on /v/ It would seem that not only are they being bought, but whatever digital stock they started off with has been depleted by almost 25%. I can’t even pretend to fathom who had the bright idea to put a cap on the number of pixels they are willing to pass out, but they have effectively made a collectors edition pixel. I can’t possibly express how much divine thought it must have taken to use your player base for the yummy cash herd they are. Now I suppose it should be noted that the mount does have a feature where it will allow you to fly at 310% movement speed [the fastest you can go in the game] if you happen to already own a mount which can fly at that speed. It should also be noted they are selling a limited edition pixel.


I'm on a horse

I guess what I’m trying to get at is just the incredibly power they have in their digital world that they can actually make a profit on a group of pixels that only works in their game. It’s like paying for Toys R’ Us bucks, and than having nothing to spend those Toys R’ Us bucks on. It’s pretty much just an epeen extender. That having been said I applaud blizzard for their continued abuse of their customers wallets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m painting them as immoral here, but they are selling these to their customer base, and lets face it I bought Little Kt and the Panda at one point [don’t judge >.>]. Rather I am proud of them for having come far enough as a company that they don’t even have to sell a real product anymore. It’s not even merchandising, they are actually just selling pixels they create. It’s almost on par with being able to sell the .jpg files off deviantart [not like printouts, or a full poster, just the jpg].

Anyway, I can’t wait until they run out of stock on their pixels, for I shall laugh heartily.

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