What the furry hell?

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If you don’t know me, let me fill you in on a bit of information, I’m a child that has been raised by the internet, and as such I’ve got the somewhat unfortunate luck of having been in tune with some of its… weirder by products. And one of those communities that seems to use the internet as a sheltering device happens to be that of the so-called furry fandom. Now thanks to some very kind friends (I’m looking at you Dane >.>) sometimes I get things in my inbox to let me know about the next most hilarious thing they can introduce to me. So I was just sitting around on the net one day enjoying my time, when what appears in my skype window but a wonderful link preceded by “You should watch this”. So anyway, I’m about to do the same thing to you 😀 .

Here, you have this,

Now before you get off track and suddenly have the inspiration to hide your refrigerator and its contents, I can’t help but laugh at this pile of drama. You see, the furry community exist pretty much because of the internet, without it, I doubt if there would be very much of a community at all. One thing that the internet is good at, is making sure that you know that not only does someone on the planet accept your idea, but that you can be sheltered from opposing viewpoints and bathe in your own self assuring viewpoint for the rest of eternity. Such power truly is corruptible, and I’m sure it’s been used to some extent by a number of self-serving groups. But no group has ever put themselves so much on the chopping block for it as the furry community here on the internet. In truth, it’s a community that’s probably been around a bit longer, but the internet has finally let it come to the light and allowed that secluded view-point to meet others and reaffirm that, you’re not crazy, you’re just special and unique. And by that means the furry community has spread far and wide on the internet today, making itself known as an actual fetish right up there with scat porn, bsdm, and other fine and notable sexual pastimes. The funny thing of course about the furry community is that they try to make it out like it’s some kind of Zen past time that is not sex, but simply expressing yourself in the form of Cleo the Fox.

The community, rather than admitting they have sexualized the concept of an anthropomorphic creature. And really, that’s where the issue lies. You’ve got entire factions of this community that get together in a fursuits and pretend to be something they are not. There are also factions within the community that aren’t pretending shit, they actually believe that somewhere deep down inside they really are master tigress [1]. This of course has led to some tension on the internet, as high-profile websites [Something Awful, 4chan, Newgrounds, and sites preceding these] have been dealing with this type of community showing up and sort of sticking this flag of conquest in the ground as if it was some place to gather. Now admittedly there are those within the community who are perfectly aware of what the hell is going on, and are more than willing to fess up to the gig, but they aren’t the problem. No instead, what you end up with is a group of people essentially pretending what they are doing isn’t a fetish at all, and is in no way tied to their sexual fantasy. The problem with this of course is any manner of psychological issues about not confronting what exactly you find appealing sexually and simply dealing with that fact. It’s the kind of stuff that probably needs to be defined in the ground rules of the relationship. For instance, if your fantasy involves at some point being tied to a bed and being told that you’re a bad boy/girl/whatever the hell, you probably need to convey that to your partner so at the very least they are aware of it.

I do have a few friends who are very much furry, they have defined entire persona’s by it, have the fursuits, go to the conventions,  and do everything else that is related to the culture as a whole. This doesn’t really change the public opinion on the matter however, and while a great many furries will get mad that one of the various CSI programs out there, or MTV apparently finally got around to doing a parody of their “lifestyle”, that the stereotype is completely off base. All you need do is search for furry in google and give it all of a few websites before you stumble into a yiffpile so that your eyes may rot, and your brain may corrode. And ultimately the reason that I brought up the video is because I don’t want to be alone in my misery of having seen this poor child embarrass himself on camera. So really while I could talk on the issue of the effects of the internet on confirmation bias, I’m just going to leave you with this “gem” to truly be reminded of how things could be

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One Response to What the furry hell?

  1. Tiger says:

    Good article .. made even funnier by the google sponsored ad for a furry convention at the bottom.

    LMAO. Lord help us the furries got Google on there side.

    “Ads by Google
    Furst on the Moon September 24-26, 2010

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