Oh look, South Park pushed a button

If you haven’t been keeping up with television recently, than I can’t really blame you for that matter, and I admit had my room-mate not been such a TV junky I probably wouldn’t have even been aware that this was occurring. It would seem that South Park decided to address the issue that nobody is willing to irritate the Muslim religion after they managed to threaten all of Denmark because of a series of cartoons depicting Muhammad as a terrorist [ie with a bomb on his head]. South park has brushed on this issue before by simply mocking the fact that most folks weren’t willing to air any images of Muhammad essentially after the cartoonist were threatened, so they decided to make fun of this by taking on an episode of family guy with manatees and the like.

Well it seems they’ve done it again, and this time, they reminded folks that before the cartoons were printed a few years ago, they too had actually made a caricature of Muhammad some years ago during their episode “Super Best Friends”, and they have been willing to press the envelope to find out what exactly is ok to press the issue of the insane nature of trying to not print of the likeness of an ancient figure [given how accurate the portrayals of Jesus have been (you know, a british man with long hair) I don’t see how one can judge what is Muhammad or what he looks like if you weren’t able to even give a base idea of what he looked like while he was alive. So in sort drawings of Muhammad are nothing more than a stereotype anyway, and perhaps that’s what irritates the Muslim extremist. Apparently their recent choice of show to depict Muhammad as a character which can’t be shown and constantly prodding at exactly what can be shown has apparently irritated someone (surprise). A radical Muslim site has sent out some very thinly veiled threats to the creators of the show for their choice to depict the prophet in any way, and are even more upset because Stone and Parker have chosen to make fun of the media for being such cowards with images of Muhammad, and for this I can definitely give them props. The thing here of course is that a group of crazies has decided to threatens some pretty high-profile American cartoonist. This alone would be news all to itself,  because lets face it, South Park has essentially spawned what is known as the South Park conservative, and a great deal of the more conservative end of the spectrum are already pretty xenophobic on the issue of the muslim religion. To actually kill someone in the American Monkey Sphere? Oh the repercussions would be almost immediate, not to even speak on the manner of what would be done at a national level to find out whomever had done it, but the repercussions for a minority like Islam would be like a witch hunt in old Europe. The Christian right and hell even the Atheist / Agnostic left are all pretty much united against the idea of Islam, atheism and the likes because in the past couple of years the Islamic religion hasn’t been able to deal with its internal affairs and avoid blowing shit up, the Christian religion for the exact same reasons, but also because they aren’t worshiping the same sky wizard.

But the story doesn’t end there, apparently 4chan and the likes having smelled the morning air, have decided to get themselves involved with an operation to DDoS the site and run a campaign. Now given that this is showing up more on Reddit than the insurgency wiki and the likes, with no presence on /b/ for the past couple of hours, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that its likely something that will make  its way and be gauged by reddit, and because reddit and 4chan are linked at the hip, if reddit finds the idea amusing enough, than so to will 4chan  soon enough. The 2 sites live as sort of big brother little brother relationship, in that reddit respects 4chan but ultimately it’s doing things that reddit would never dare try. Anyway if this raid is going anywhere in the next couple of hours, I’m going to bet that reddit will make a move before 4chan does.

That having been said, I’m doubt if this will make any difference at all, if anything it would take someone actually trying to get poor Mr. Parker or Stone for anything to really happen. Like many of 4chan’s raids, those who were involved [ie whomever is hosting revolutionmuslim.com] will probably remember this for years to come, but the rest of society really won’t care. With the exception of the Scientology protest, anonymous has been a rather ineffective group for actually combating anything of value, its more an issue of how badly the Scientology protest are now viewed among the people who are usually the ones that gave the original rallying cries for raids. That and of course, it takes a fair margin of coordination and continued organization that can’t be coerced by a bad case of ADD.

If you’re interested the reddit.com thread is here. Again, I haven’t seen anything on the irc channels / insurgency wiki’s / the likes, so I’m guessing this was a thread someone started on /b/ last night, someone on reddit, generally being the type to think everything 4chan does is funny or represents the group as a whole in any form or fashion picked it up and thought to use it to gather karma. Now, with reddit’s atheism board, it will next be moved to the main reddit (reddit.com) it will take the front page for an hour or so before the admins realize that their site is being used to orchestrate another raid, get embarrassed, 4chan will actually start to circulate the image and pretend there was a kind of bandwagon behind it originally,  a small raid will be conducted and we can move on.

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