4chan’s gaming of Time’s online Poll

Last year, Time Online decided to release a poll to the internet to help decide who the arbitrary man of the year would be. In perhaps a moment of oversight they forgot to notice that they had added internet sensation and owner of 4chan.org Christopher Pool. They released the poll to the public so that it could get in on whatever else every major newspaper was enjoying [namely an online presence]. As no surprise to anyone, the majority of 4chan decided to get together to try to push moot to the top of the poll above whomever else was on there had no true online following. Time has of course called what happened to be “hacking their poll”, which is a hilarious misunderstanding of just what in the world the word hacking has been turned into in the media.

This is their report

What I find so very funny about this is just how willing Time is to blame anyone but themselves for letting this poll get manipulated. they are so willing to blame Moot’s fans, they haven’t got the gall to admit that perhaps they shouldn’t have created a poll that allowed the same IP address to vote over and over again. Once they had figured out how to do that, /g/ was already years ahead of them attempting to create a program that would manipulate the poll to whatever they wished . The Time’s report also managed to only show off /g/ the entire time [I’m going to take a guess and assume that this was the only board that wasn’t littered with porn whenever time went looking to represent 4chan, that and they seem to think 4chan is all about the “hacking”].

The really amusing thing here is the choice to note that the users of 4chan do nothing but sit around and hack things. The problem with this mentality is that half of 4chan has to use a pre provided program to make use of a DDoS attack, the likelihood that there is anyone in that community that knows how to hack grows increasingly minimal with each passing day. There was also the hilarious choice to blur out half of the content in /g/, apparently Time is just so much for old people who showing an animated character flipping the bird might just offend the majority of their audience [as if anyone in their audience other than 4chan will actually watch their video]. I also liked the bit where they pointed towards individuals [like the owner of zombocom] and of course there was their unwillingness to talk about what in the world marblecake is [by the way it’s a named anon who tries to lead a raid, this usually ends terribly]. Apparently at some point it was the group responsible for the majority of the stuff for the Scientology raid and the original message to Scientology video [someone whom I know to be involved with the movement against Australia’s firewall movement].

But alas, A thread on this is dominating /g/ right now, mostly because moot apparently stumbled upon it at some point and posted it to the 4chan twitter feed. I did have to chuckle also at calling 4chan a group of degenerates… because lets face it of all the reporting they did, that was  perhaps the most accurate. /g/ in response to the fact that their board was used more than any other have of course gone about to posting a ton of porn and generally being proud of themselves for making the news instead of 4chan’s bigger boards.

I suggest you watch the video if you need a good laugh

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