4chan and Southpark

Well, thanks to my determination to talk about stupid things that only a minority of internet users care about, it seems to have attracted the attention of those searching for 4chan and islam, I figured that I should probably do the good kind of blogger thing and actually expand on what in the world is happening. The issue of course started last week when South Park studios decided that they were going to try to do a 200th episode that poked fun at pretty much every single plot that they have ever come up with. This included their joke that Muhammad could not be show in any form or context. Now between this event and boobquake you can imagine that for the last several days I have been pretty much drenched in nothing but talk of the Islamic religion. In fact over the last week I’ve probably seen more sites being translated through google chrome’s midly functional arabic translator than some of the Army’s top brass see in a month. That said, I must tip my hat to google in that they probably should try to correct the CSS which flips arabic to the right to left format and reverse that so that I’m not spending half the time trying to rewrite the sentence.

That having been said, I did want to catch everyone up on exactly what is going on in the world of 4chan raids and for anyone that cares the Insurgency Wiki has finally picked it up, and I’m guessing the official terminology is Operation Islamichan, and it would seem that this one is being slowly organized. I have seen several bots chain posting on /b/ to try to rally the troops. However due to the massive amount of public exposure caused by the protest of scientology, and the hijacking of anonymous method of attack in order to make the assaults come off as more peaceful have caused a great many to recoil from taking part in any of the larger and more organized raid groups. It’s because of this that the few pieces of media that have been produced namely the following:

Are simply following the original message to Scientology video in format, sadly it looks like whatever cepstral voice they stole to produce the video didn’t come out quite as well and doesn’t have that “rallying cry” style that seem to be accepted by the community as “official” statements. There are probably issues with the fact that all you have to do is put together a series of free stock footage, throw on some relevant music. You than go ahead and pick up the cepstral text to speech program, you find david, and you have him do the speech you have prepared for this day. Now truly my condolences go out to  the folks at Cepstral who are probably now more well known because their text to speech program is used so extensively to produce these videos, it may be free advertising, but I doubt very much that anyone who is using those programs to make these videos has at any point sent a dime to Cepstral.

The plan this time appears to be simply allowing the Islamic faith to get itself in a frenzy with a bit of poking and prodding. Unlike the initial attack on revolutionmuslim.com [by the way the picture you are seeing with the Islamic priest kissing the small boy, that site is revolutionislam.com, it is not the original and is just a parody, reovoultionmuslim.com was actually taken down after the server died thanks to the ddos, and apparently the DNS record has been pulled]. The general idea at least according to the insurgency wiki is to simply troll as many Islamic sites as they can and try to get them to make threats of violence while the data is stored on US servers. Admittedly of all the raids that I have seen 4chan do, this one is probably the one most classical for simply getting back to the basics and trying to troll large groups of people. Unlike the scientology expedition which took several months of up front protesting, after being told that blackfaxing and the likes would probably get people in trouble, it would seem the idea of dealing with the Islamic faith is to simply beat the beehive until it destroys itself. I can’t guarantee this will have any success at all, but much like the constant invasion of browser-based games like say for instance Tribal Wars, it will probably tie up a few thousand anonymous for the next month or so.

The real problem is likely that the majority of anonymous don’t actually like South Park, and could care less for what they seem to have stumbled into, in fact I get the large impression that not only does no one care, but the continued degradation of quality from South Parks end has probably driven quite a few people away. In truth nothing would bring me more joy than to see the internet actually wage full-fledged war on religious sites if for no other reason than to cause the sites users to grow a much thicker skin. Given the combination of low press and lack of support from the primary anonymous pooling areas however, I don’t expect this raid to pick up activity any time soon, or if it does it will be sparked by something completely new.

There is also the issue that South Park and apparently comedy central are in a little spat over what it is ok to show on television, and what will piss people off. It would appear that the 201st episode was not supposed to be so heavily censored, and that it was not some kind of meta in joke [at least according to the shows creators]. It also appears that the episode in which Muhammad did appear in [which originally aired in 2001] has also been pulled for fear it might irritate someone. I’d give a long-winded speech about cowardice and not bending to what offends others, but honestly, it’s probably best if I just leave it at this.

Oh… Also because I know the types who are out searching and landing on this page: The Game

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