Mr. James Hass

I write the following for a couple of reasons. The first being that nothing bring me quite as much joy as trolling my Friend Mike over at Politics and Pucks, and the second being that this candidate is the type who probably has enough time to actually go about finding those articles about him and I love false senses of attention.

Now for those who don’t know, the Indiana primary is coming up in a few days here [May 4th] and will allow voters to decided who they would like to let stand up and go before the crowd and pretend that they are worthy of representing a population of no less than 100,000. This being one of those seasons of political activism with the Tea Party movement and the likes, it tends to draw a lot more folks to the floor who you would likely otherwise not see. Now while Mike has covered over at his own Blog the Political Science part of this little debacle, this man does interest me because he wants to run an internet friendly campaign but he’s not quite got the handle on it. The nifty thing is that the man seems to have a decent sense of humor over on his facebook page, he mentioned Mike’s blog in what I can only call a surprisingly lightheartded  note about how he appreciates the criticism. Now what Mike essentially said was that there was not an Ice Cube’s chance in hell of this man winning because his position is so far to the right of the line and in general he just has a very “Tea Party” centric policy line. In this political environment, while the Tea Party does have its support, the 4th District still isn’t quite that conservative as a whole, at least not with cities like West Lafayette and the likes hosting a University. Even as conservative as Purdue can be, it still stands out as a pretty liberal focal point. Now I’m sure that the other big cities like Crawford and the likes are slight bit more conservative, but I doubt if they favor the Tea Party political standpoint much more than anyone else. It’s not that the view isn’t endorsed, its more so an issue of the political view being so far right in terms of American politics, that it’s unlikely that anyone will move that far away from the center in any great numbers.

Now Mr. Hass appears to have a degree from the comm department here at Purdue, and even though I have a pretty strong bias against the communications department here at Purdue [You can ask just about anyone I know, I have a regular tendency to compare it to a series of worthless inventions]. I do find it kind of odd that what he is doing [intentional or not] is very interesting. You see, by getting it on Mike’s Blog and even trying to get himself on the Colbert Report, he has essentially used negative attention to get some attention at all. We had bumped into him at an Agricultural department event (I must admit I am still surprised that I was not jumped at some point by a man with a jug of whiskey and a banjo) where they were serving a supply of free pancakes. Now props to the somewhat older looking gentlemen for actually being awake and in a business suit at the delightful 12:00am hours surrounded by drunken students looking for nothing more than Pancakes.  But really the more I look into it, the more I’m curious if he’s just one of those folks who has probably been misrepresented by the current government. This is probably one of the most legitimate concerns of the Tea Party movement and similar conservative types of ideology, is that they probably should be angry. Perhaps they aren’t angry at the right people, and in general they may just be a tinge out of the loop on what has caused this or that, but they aren’t unjustified in being angry. But on top of that, given how he’s apparently approached the QSU here on campus [Queer Student Union I believe] for their coffee night, and his relative lack of outrage over his campaign being torn apart, I can’t help but wonder if he’s a lot smarter than I think me and Mike were giving him credit. You see, the thing in politics is not about having the right viewpoint, no one honestly cares about that. The thing in politics is to be the one who gets the most noticed and has the fewest negative things running against them. And in the end of the day, because the public has a nasty “Simple Approach” complex to them, they will narrow it down to the two figures with the highest status and no matter what the position of those 2 members actually is, they represent Avatars of the classical “left v right”. That is why you usually don’t get folks in either the right or left field because people are looking for a middle ground that they can simply apply ideas that you would like to see.

And that’s what Mr. Hass is doing, getting attention from young people. If he is smart enough to realize that it’s this group of people who need to be pulled into the voting circle than props indeed. I still of course disagree with him on fundamental things, such as you know the abortion issue and health care, and in general my Poe’s Law senses are tingling, but I’m curious based on the fact that he has linked onion articles on his facebook [which I’m going to assume he controls] if he knows that the Onion is a parody news site and if so what else he finds funny. You see, I judge a candidate not off their political views [that’s far too much work, and 9/10 they don’t accomplish those views anyway], but rather based off how funny they are, and if they understand that satire that is our political system. Now like Mike, I’m afraid that he simply doesn’t have enough time to gather the support needed to hold over a victory versus the other slightly more well-known candidates, but I would like to see him on the Colbert report.

Anyway, my random bit of gibberish for the day aside, me thinks its time to start to actually look at getting a Java GUI done.

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One Response to Mr. James Hass

  1. jim hass says:

    Why don’t you list my talking points as negatives like Mike did? You are far too interesting to link to during the campaign.

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