Just a drop

If you have been spending any time watching CNN, Than you should be aware of a small spill that seems to have occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. An Oil Rig off the coast apparently exploded and than proceeded to sink into the ocean. As you can expect with these kind of situations, the oil that was previously on this Oil rig has sense escaped from its iron prison and made its way into the ocean. This has not been making much news on the internet [odd considering] with major sites like Reddit / Digg / and the likes just now picking it up.

The interesting thing is the false outrage about the lack of care about this situation. The thing to note is that this situation apparently is already on the mend and isn’t the next Exxon Valdez. The big difference is purely in the environment in which this oil was dumped, which unlike the Exxon Valdez, isn’t in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary, quite the opposite, it’s in an area that is probably already pretty much dead because of the constant amount of fertilizers and the likes that are being pumped out of the Mississippi river into the gulf, causing one of the largest dead spots being rivaled only by the dead see, which has slowly been recovering because  apparently after the Soviet Union up and fell apart there weren’t enough funds to actually continue to run fertilizers, so the area actually just kind of went into a state of silent recovery because the humans in the area weren’t wealthy enough to continue to do damage [hilarious to be sure, to poor to kill the wildlife].

There are also a few other environmental factors, the first being that not only is this area isolated from wildlife, but it’s also the Gulf of Mexico, but also its highly accessible from a myriad of harbors including the nearby Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi area’s all of which have major port cities which can launch ships and crews to help deal with the situation in a timely manner. There is also the fact that unlike the spill in Prince William’s Sound, the area isn’t cold and as such, the oil will actually have the ability to evaporate [Oil is less dense than salt water], as such for the most part it will just sit on the top of the ocean, float there, and evaporate on its own time.

If you combine the natural tendency to go away on its own time with the oil crews that are working actively to get rid of it as well as the apparently the military which was deployed to deal with the issue. So all and all, you can assume that CNN, Fox, and the likes, depending on environmentalist outrage will air whatever is necessary to keep their viewers happy. Past that, the oil company will run whatever PR relationship they need to, to make up for oil spill and the subsequent amount of money needed to clean up whatever oil is left over.

The big problem is that it has been so far impossible to actually shutoff the oil spill,   it appears that the blowout valve which was supposed to seal the link only half worked, and as such there are 3 cracks in the pipe that are now spewing a good, healthy amount of oil. This presents a problem because there hasn’t been a healthy way to shut the leak off. The coastguard has apparently been trying to simply light it on fire to deal with it, but ultimately they’re going to have to start to deal with the source any time now. The even funnier thing is that while the Rig that was lost cost close to 560 million dollars, and the amount of money that will be needed to pay the cleanup bill continues to rise faster than a Saturn 5, all of this could have been avoided with a football sized remote [admittedly a football sized remote that cost 500,000 dollars] which sends a sonic based signal to the pipe to shut if off remotely.

I don’t want to say this situation isn’t serious, if anything, this is probably the last thing that the gulf needed. the Hypoxia zone off the coast isn’t being helped at all by this spill. I think what gets me has been the just kind of slow motion outrage that you can see building across the internet, it’s just now starting to sink in that we have this ultra massive environmental hazard going on.

I think really the thing is that nothing fluffy or cute swims in the Gulf of Mexico and as such, the standard anti marketing campaign that is usually run to help inform the public about this kind of thing. Really, because jellyfish have the same public representative as a bee, it’s not likely this will gain any immediate outrage in the public eye because Bambi and his mother aren’t sucking down oil.

I’ll keep an eye on the situation, but for the most part it looks to be like the spill in Tennessee which attracted national attention for about a week, and than people forgot that TVA had ruined a pretty large region of the state. It’s that short term attention span in the works.

Oh yeah, I’m now on the Atheist Blogroll! 😀

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