Captain Janeway is the harbinger of death.

Alright, so if you don’t know me, here’s the short of the matter, I am a massive Star Trek fan, and if it weren’t for the fact that there are thousands of folks on the internet that are already doing a far better job than me reviewing Star Trek episodes, I’d probably be right out there trying to tell you about what parts of Best of Both Worlds(TNG:S3E24, TNG:S4E01) [And I hear that Hannah Montana has apparently made a song by this title D: I find it appalling that this celebrity harlot could sully such a wonderful name and ruin my Google searches on it]  I really did love, or where the exact moment in Regeneration (Ent:S2E23) that I began to spontaneously vomit all over myself lurching forward and forgetting the world I was in was nothing less than a holodeck and the pain would be over soon. The truth is, that I have probably watched every single Star Trek episode 10 times over, it was pretty much my hobby as a child to do nothing but sit there and think about how cool it would be if I could fly my very own starship, so that I could be out there seeking out new life and new civilizations.

But as part of being a huge fan of Star Trek, you also have to be aware of some of the terrible flaws that are in the series, and just kind of live with the fact that once Roddenberry died and Berman and Braga picked up the ropes, it was much like allowing them to simply ties those ropes to a gallows and then count the seconds until they just stopped beating the dead horse. As with these kind of terrible moments, you just kind of try to justify in your head why the writers would allow such atrocities to ever see the light of my living room [or computer now], and you are left to rationalize what it is that just passed through your eyes. One such train wreck was the continued adventures of Captain Janeway and crew. Now let me preface what I am about to say, by noting that of all the Star Trek captains, Kate Mulgrew has probably been the kindest to its followers, and regularly attends conventions even to this day where she tolerates the likes of the fans [not an easy task I imagine, hell I’m one of them]. But voyager was a snowball of failure that just rode the mountain down until it reached its climax and managed to utterly destroy, humiliate, and dismantle the enemy that Star Trek the Next Generation had managed to set up up as the true enemy to be feared not just in Star Trek, but as a concept of what technology could and may become.


This is god, sorry =(

One of the smaller things that Voyager did on its way down the hill was to show the Q as having been an omnipotent race whose objective was to help humanity in their own cruel manner, to a group of degenerate gods who spend their time attempting to mate with human females for no other reason than boredom. First introduced in Death Wish (Voy:S2E18), and than later brought back for appearances in the Q and the Grey (Voy:S3E11-12) and finally finished to a rather dismal and disappointing end in Q2 (Voy:S7E19). I would like to pick on for a moment the Q and the Grey; now ignoring the fact that this episode introduces the idea that Q have a civil war on any level and that a human can at some point get involved in this war, use a Q weapon, and kill a Q, there are even more glaring issues I have with this episode.

The key of course being the Q is for some reason interested in Captain Janeway, which on a base level doesn’t make any sense [and lets face it, it shouldn’t]. But, I’m going to be one of those fans who goes out there and tries to explain away a complete and total inconsistency with a ridiculous theory. You see, as I watch more of Voyager, I become more and more convinced that Captain Janeway is actually an Avatar of death itself. You see, everything she touches or gets involved with she seems to kill, in fact so much so that the show itself seems to have pointing out that every single place Voyager has gone will eventually be destroyed. And if it’s not Captain Janeway personally, you can be assured that her crew of monkeys isn’t far behind trying to destroy the local civilization. This has ultimately led to such great acts as allowing the borg to develop a weapon against the only force in the Universe that could have actually stopped them [and given their further encounter later on down the road in “In the Flesh” (Voy:S5E4) I’m not so sure of the “Oh they were more evil” bit]. She has also been the type to actually blow away the caretakers array simply because she didn’t want the Kazon to get it, simultaneously screwing over the Ocampa and the Kazon. After she collected the corpse of the caretaker for her own amusement, she went about to trying to find its mate and she shot that too. She has of course inflicted death and destruction upon her crew a number of times, likely topping Sisco’s kill count [dominion included] and that’s just based on the number of times that’s she’s put Harry in a spot he probably should die [or has actually died]. And if you watch closely it would seem that even nature is aware of her terrible deeds, the monkey in Resolutions (Voy:S5E24) seems to be distinctly aware of its fate if Janeway were to catch it, avoiding her at all cost. I mean if you count the number of times she has caused genocide (Time and Again Voy:S1E4), stabbed a living creature so that she could have coffee (The Cloud Voy:S1E6) and even going on to a planet in which Harry Kim is allowed to ritualistically murdered for the sake of getting a few minerals (Emanations Voy:S1E9),  And that’s just the first season alone.

The women seems to bring death about her no matter where she goes, and if there is even a sign of life, you can pretty much guarantee she’s going to ruin that too. Even her carbon copy version managed to get an entire ship of sentient life forms lost in the dust of space because of her terrible moral compass (Course: Oblivion Voy:S5E18). In fact, were it not for the number of species willing to reanimate voyager crew, they probably wouldn’t have made it past day 4. The simple fact of the matter is that where Captain Janeway goes, people die a horrible death, or if they don’t die, you can pretty much bet that they wish they had died.

It is for this reason that I assert, this woman is a harbinger of death, and her most recent Victim was Lt. Commander Data and countless members of the crew of the Enterprise E. I mean, she’s an Admiral in Starfleet, and she ordered the federation Flagship to the home planet of a less than trustworthy empire, without even the thought of demanding that there be some kind of escort ship, and in the process managed to cause the loss of half a dozen crew members [seen on-screen only, probably countless more], all for the sick joy of having gotten to order Captain Jean Luc Picard to do something.

I’m telling you folks, this woman is sick and that is why Q loves her. He sees her for what she truly is, a demon that shows up to a family reunion and then proceeds to commit the act of killing them because she doesn’t like the animal they cook for dinner [or throw in the warp core, your call](Equinox 1&2 Voy:S5E25/S6E1). It’s this tenacity to murder people based off her crusader moral code that so intrigues Q. She is like some kind of terrible devil harpy that shows up and interferes to the point of no return, and than claims she has the moral high ground and would never interfere with another species. It’s like watching a living contradiction.


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3 Responses to Captain Janeway is the harbinger of death.

  1. tamiller says:

    here you go my little geekazoid if you dont already have 🙂

  2. DS9fan says:

    Let me set up the scenario for you. I’m a teen who just finished watching every Star Trek episode (-TAS). I just came off the rush of watching the great very underrated DS9 and just got my voyager DVD’s knowing nothing about the series. By the twenty third minute I decided that I hoped Janeway would Die. By the end of the first episode I hoped that the entire crew except the Doctor would die. At the last episode of the series I hoped the borg would kill everyone and only the doctor would survive. Let’s face it Voyager is the Chick Flick of the ST Series. Come on. Ugly Woman engineer, Uglyer a$$ Woman captain, Hot Woman Borg, But no action. I hate voyager because it killed my passion for star trek after watching DS9.

  3. anxietycafe says:

    TROLL! lol Janeway is the best! Her vagina is a force to be reckend with!

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