Top Video Game Songs

I know most people go with some arbitrary list of songs that they can come up with, and I also realize that a few people are going to disagree with my taste in music [most people do]. But I thought it would be a lot of fun to share with everyone what I thought to the top songs I’ve heard from a video game were.

Don’t want to cause loading issues on page 😀 all songs are accompanied by a youtube video.

10.)Donkey Kong Country – Gang Plank Galleon

This game music was the perfect summary to a great platform game. It has all the elements that truly made the game a stand-alone that I would say with ease puts it as superior to Super Mario Brothers which was released on the same console. It features the light-hearted nature of the game, while at the same time providing the right amount of suspense to remind you that this was the final boss battle and you were nearing the end of the game. I can say I remember my dad playing this every night when I was a kid trying to get through the number of levels, and I too would eventually follow through with that when the GBA version was released, and thanks to how far my Dad had gotten, I remembered that the King is not truly dead until the Nintendo banana drops (thanks for the heads up dad). And that’s why it makes number 10 on our list [the numbers are arbitrary >.>]

9.) World of Warcraft – Invincible or Lament of the Highborn


This one really is a toss up between a lot of the WoW music, but my favorite easily has to go to these two. Lament of the Highborn is a sequence that can be activated if you manage to bring a quest item from the Ghostlands to Sylvanis. This starts this sequence where she’ll start to sing, and it really is quite lovely and well composed. Invincible is the soundtrack from the death of the Lich king and a modification of the song “Arathas My Son” which blizzard played for the reveal of patch 3.3.3 a while back. These two songs really do stick out to prove that Blizzard is good at more than simply making music and knows that it serves just as important a role in the creation of a good piece of media.

8.) Final Fantasy 3 – Dancing Mad

This truly was the penultimate moment in this game, and really reflects just kind of the awesome kind of feeling that was going on. You were finally at the last boss and facing this pillar of god like creatures to reach him, and all the while this music was playing. At nearly 9 minutes in its full version, the song composition is incredible for something that was put out on the Super Nintendo in the mid 90’s.  The buildup, the feeling, everything about this song just feels so good.

7.) Xenosaga 1 – Song of Nephilim

In terms of the creepometer, this song really takes the cake, it shows up in a section of the game where one of you characters has been abducted by a psychopath, and the character in the game even point out that the song drives them crazy. You add to this that this song showed up in the sequel to really drive home that its entire purpose was to drive people insane, and you creepometer continues to rise. It’s a great addition to Xenosaga [which needed anything but more cut scenes].

6.) Chrono Trigger – Chrono Trigger

This music defined my childhood, it’s just beautiful from start to finish, and really goes to show the work and effort that was put into the game, and even managed to rickroll us all [Robo’s theme was Rick Astly’s “Never Going to Give you Up”]. This game not only defines the RPG genre right there with D&D and Final Fantasy 3 for the United States, but it serves to show an example of how even today a good story and great game can make a truly make for something that stands the test of time.

5.) Super Metroid – Metroid Theme

This game was another one of those that I grew up playing and loving, its theme though absolutely set the theme for the fast paced action adventure that metroid would bring to its viewers. The quick pace, the creepy nature, and just the kind of upbeat theme of it all really does make itself quite a powerful and moving piece. It’s definitely a great way to start a game.

4.) Halo – Halo Theme

Hate on Halo all you want, this theme defined another generation of gamers [I know we’re all defining generations here >.>]. The point of the matter is that the Halo theme has this epic feel to it that really I think reflects how much effort and work Bungie put into the game. Now you can of course say whatever you want about Halo having been hijacked by the fraternity life and the FPS in general being dragged through the mud because of Halo’s popularity, but the music really was something else, and will stand out in I think everyone’s mind.

3.) Civilization 4 – Baba Yetu

Civ 4 is a game that I can say safely all of my friends play even today. It has a very turn based theme to it all [and essentially defines the Turn Based Strategy Game Genre]. And this awesome piece of music plays every single time you fire up the game. Now for those not aware, the song being played is the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili, but still it doesn’t make this game any less awesome.

2.) Final Fantasy 7 – One Winged Angel

I may have my disagreements with the game itself, but there is no denying the music composition behind it is superb. Unlike the dancing mad theme, this one is far more pointed towards the final boss, and while it doesn’t have quite that God Like feel, it certainly still has the epic feeling that should come with a final boss battle. This little theme starts off when you actually choose to engage Sepiroth in battle, and was the kind of music you cast ultima too.

1.) Metal Gear Solid – Theme

From your phone, to anywhere you head in the video game world, ignoring the power that the Zelda and Mario themes each hold on their own, this one is right up there with them. The song is great from start to finish, and I can tell you now that If I could find a way to make the Metal Gear codec my ringtone, I would. Snaaakkkeee!

But there you have it folks, in no particular order, songs and series that have truly reflected some of the best music that a video game can bring to the world.

Honorable Mention.) Ace Combat 6 – Liberation of Gracemaria

This song is just to awesome to leave off the list.

Also, after consulting some advisors

Honorable Mention.) God Hand – Ending Credits

Dane Said I needed to >.>

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  1. [Please delete earlier comment due to typos]

    Dude, you’ve done a serious wrong by overlooking the Mega Man games. Several bands (The Megas; The Minibosses) have made careers of covering them.

    Srsly, I am disapoint.

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