Dear god… Family Guy.

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This blog Post written Live (look, this excuses my bad writing >.>)

First 10 Minutes

So I had the unique displeasure of being stuck watching family guy on Fox tonight, and I must say… “WHAT THE HOLY FUCKING BALLS WAS THAT?”. This is so disturbed and wrong I can’t even start to go over exactly what is going on. Like don’t get me wrong, I have a vague idea of what they were trying to do, it’s pretty clear that this was Seth McFarland’s attempt to press the obscenity laws on television. The scene you just watched was Brian [the family dog] eating a the fecal matter out of Stewie’s diaper, let me rephrase so I can catch the upset google searchers “Bryan / Brian Ate Stewie’s Shit / Poop”. I don’t know if McFarland is trying to get himself knocked off the air, or if this is some spiteful move towards fox… but the intentions are clear as ever. The idea here is that we want to make a stranger edgier family guy that we’re pushing out at 9pm EST.

20 Minutes In

The storyline for the episode seems to be pretty simple. Stewie and Bryan have been trapped in a bank vault [how I do not know], and the episode actually continues with this plot without a single flash back. It than proceeds to degrade into animated watersports / scat, highlighting the fact that Stewie is very much a homosexual [if you hadn’t caught that yet you should probably watch some more family guy]. The thing is that they have been dodging the issue directly, and this is another episode of beating around the bush, but the amount of sexual innuendo was… almost gruesome. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that this episode was produced by rule 34.

This is apparently Family Guy’s 150th episode [according to fox], is a 1 hour bonanza that is supposed to feature all 150 characters at some point.  I’m going to try to watch this entire episode through; as Bryan just got Stewie drunk, and they have proceeded to devolve into insults. This is really interesting in the sense that it pokes fun of how far they can get away with censorship, and the standard kind of “haha this is socially relevant”. But honestly, it just surprises me that they would be willing to push this kind of line, I’m guessing that they have just gotten tired of sitting back and being considered pop culture, and maybe they want to become “edgy”, and given how the United States treats sexuality, this is just the kind of thing to push that kind of mindset. I predict that there will be a good amount of outrage tomorrow about the innuendo [hell, I’m pretty tolerant of weird things and even I was going “o.O”]. It does occur to me also that Family Guy may be trying to harp on itself, realizing that the only parody at this point is this weird metamorphic property that the characters of the show have gone through.

Here you go

It's easier to illustrate this

30 Minutes In

The episode also is rather preachy about the ideas of purpose, and the likes, this smells like the standard kind of preaching that the show goes through to try and mimic that south park end of show “what we’ve learned”. And now at 9:33 we get… the “Stewie wants to have gay relationship with Bryan” (sorry, watching this as I write). I honestly have no clue what family guy is attempting to accomplish here. They usually use Peter as their “haha” funny, or the make fun of Meg joke, but this episode has been pretty much nothing but serious or trying to set up some strange kind of scat porn [and those of you who land on this page looking for it, no, no we do not have it]. I get the feeling that they know this episode is a big moment in their careers, and the fact that their series has been resurrected thanks to the work of Adult Swim has defiantly played a part. It’s just weird to me, what they are trying to get at through the creation of this episode, if there is a goal at all. The end of the episode is nothing more than musicals… that have already been done [I guess this is to get that quota of 150 characters in the episode] (I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that maybe this was a spitefulness to fox, make the primary portion of the episode completely devoid of what smells like  their marketing ploy [IE the 150 characters], and than just finish it off with something that wasn’t funny at all.)

It’s pretty clear that they are either out of material [they’re showing deleted scenes], or they are really irritated with Fox for some odd reason, I can’t think of any other reason they would have let this hit the air. Family Guy is stereotypically unfunny as it is. But this is really pressing the limit of “trying to be funny” right into “we’re going to preach at you for an hour”. This whole episode just strikes me as really strange and off base. There has to be some terrible joke behind all of this, I just know that they would not willingly turn this over to Fox. I can’t help but to keep watching, it’s like some kind of terrible train wreck, that you just have to follow-up on.

40 Minutes in

Now we’re showing old musical numbers that have been repeated on Cartoon network / TBS and the internet thousands of times over, are they trying to show off to their customers just what they can get away with and force down Fox’s throat? Maybe the entire staff has been baked as sin this week, these “totally not flashback musicals” are kind of painful to watch. Perhaps they are trying to show off that they have some kind of hidden musical talent…

50 Minuets In

They’re clearly trying to waste time, I can’t help but wonder if Fox asked for Star Wars 2 [the thing that went straight to DVD] and family gave them this instead. As my roommate commented, this is by far the single worst hour-long special he’s ever seen. And on a note of them wasting time… There is something happening here.There is an argument that will come out between fox and Family Guy here.

Wow…what was that?

[I apologize for my note style writing].

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3 Responses to Dear god… Family Guy.

  1. tamiller41 says:

    no no no…. if you had listened he told bryan he loved him but not in a lets get down to our panties like adults who are in love do but a best friend love. now i missed the eat the poop part. good god i see enough of that with my own dogs.

  2. averagenerd says:

    i found the ending a bit surprising…

    here’s a link to the episode (i think) if you haven’t seen it

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