My weekday Project

So, I’ve been taking finals pretty much the entire week, which hasn’t give me a lot of time to do much of anything past studying, sleeping, and figuring things out for the summer, and preparing to get back into school in August. But until than I had been busy napping and making projects for myself. This week I decided that I was just bored enough to actually try and make a website skin for an old website that I had laying around. If you notice, at the bottom of the blog there area  couple of links, and one is marked message board. That message board is a domain I’ve had pretty much since November of 2004 if not earlier, it was something I would use for pretty much just trying to prove to myself that I was e-popular, but because I have no concept of either devoting time to a website so that it runs, or actually trying to get into a niche [as you can see, the blog is also guilty  of this accusation]. Needless to say, the message board never really took off, and I have just kind of been sitting on it and goofing around with it whenever I have some spare time. The board is managed by a free message board service known as proboards who have been essentially the only real competition to Invision Free, they themselves were using the old YaBB software for a couple of years, and slowly started to develop their own custom software.

One of the nifty features is really how easy it is to modify the skin for these message boards [despite the fact that you can’t actually alter much of the core html print outs]. There’s a massive database they keep on their homesite of what amounts to Javascript hacks to help pretty much do anything you’d want to. So anyway here’s the test site:

The theme itself is inspired by a picture my dad took of a waterfall, I had wanted to use a nature like theme all along the way, and this was really the chance to start actually practicing what little photoshop skills I had to try and get a website to blend with a photo [I’m still not very good at this]. Needless to say, what I did was essentially break the image into three sections, the banner, the menu bar, and the background. The banner and menu bar are already set up as tables, and than the background just belongs to the body, with the painstaking task of slowly working to try and get it lined up exactly pixel by pixel with the menu bar below [The Image itself should be at the point 0, 135 on the website, but due to some padding that I have still  yet to find, the actual position of the image ends up somewhere around 0, 139]. And once those pieces were in place, I just modified an existing theme that I had been working with so that I could make the background transparent [by making it transparent and than adding a background image with a 15% opacity so that it wasn’t completely clear].

Once all that was said and done, it was just a matter of tidying up the links / copyright /etc. and than getting it in a format that was ready for skinning.

So without further adieu.

Admin > Headers / Footer > Global Header

Global Footer

And than finally here are all the images @ mediafire:

The images should be pretty straightforward, the only thing you should need to changes is the section where it says <!–Your Email Here–> To whatever your email is,

Feel free to comment if you have any questions

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