Ok, back to the basics

I do hate this in my blogging cycles. It seems like every time I make a blog, it takes all of about a month for me to get entirely bored with it, and all the hard work that I put into making it and trying to be all popular go down the drain as I just start to not care about it for days at a time. So in a vain attempt to stop this from happening, I’m just going to keep writing until something comes to mind. I was at first just thinking about putting out the search terms that have hit the blog as kind of funny thing, actually that might not be a bad idea, every couple of days, just publish the top sources from search engines that have gotten people to land on my page and try to figure out where it is that they actually wanted to be [instead of you know, a blog]. I got home Sunday of this week, and have spent pretty much my entire time just being generally lazy and doing nothing. I did get that proboards skin… perfected so to speak anyway if you’re interested in that, the link is as follows:


And of course feel free to send me any questions that you may have about the whole operation, and I’ll try and feel you in on what exactly you need to do so that you to can add this wonderful piece of artwork to your portfolio of websites or some nonsense. Anyway, some of the changes  made include adding a working info center, and actually adding the pretty standard banter of codes. I’ve been debating if I should make use of it for my own site or not, and if I do make use of it for my own site, will that upset people who would like to use it for their sites. But than I remembered that in the world of the blogosphere, people don’t get mad when you go about actually developing a theme and then using said theme on your own site, in fact, if anything, people really don’t mind at all if you are the theme developer, the theme is good, and other people use it. I guess I should also point out that I do make other proboards themes [I’m so rad and cool like that]. I’m pretty sure my other popular design is sitting happily at Solid Snake Designs. Mind you I just went to check on the website, so that I could see how it is doing, and apparently it’s not doing so healthy. In fact it appears that they have decided that they would like to shut down.

It’s strange to see the slow but definite death of the forum, and even I think to some degree the slow death of the blog. I’m sure there are those who disagree with me about the staying nature of these media, and I would of course submit that in some instances the world of the forum or the blog have their place. But with the internet slowly being sucked into single large sites and the real diversity of “Create your own site with your own community] being replaced with the idea of “Create your own group on facebook”, it just seems that the internet landscape while still fertile and fresh has become a lot like a farming community. There is a massive city that everyone must visit, but other than that everybody just seems to keep to themselves, never really leaving that central city to go explore the country side. And than these blogs just kind of dot the landscape, some of them simply producing the same crop that the guy next door produces, but you’re friends with this farmer, so you buy his goods. Other’s who do produce unique content, that have their own following. I suppose I’m stretching this analogy a little far, but it is strange to me with the invention of things like google, rather than the net becoming decentralized, it has instead started to gravitate towards central points. It’s really a fascinating experience to watch, the forums are dying, the blogs are regarded as nothing less than spam, and the sources of information consist of a very small range of news / social aggregate / or social networking websites.

Anyway… thoughts? 😀

function executePhpbbInfoCenter(){
    var td = document.getElementsByTagName('td');
        if(td[t].className.match(/catbg/i) && td[t].innerHTML.match(/Forum Statistics/i)){
            var totalPosts = (td[t+2].innerHTML.match(/Total Posts: (\d+)(,\d+)?

            var totalTopics = (td[t+2].innerHTML.match(/Total Topics: (\d+)(,\d+)? &/i)) ? RegExp.$1+RegExp.$2: '';
            var totalArticles = totalPosts;
            infoHolder = 'Our community have made a total of '+totalArticles+' posts in '+totalTopics+' topics';
            infoHolder += '
            var totalMembers = (td[t+2].innerHTML.match(/Total Members: (.+?)

            infoHolder += 'We have '+totalMembers+' registered members';
            infoHolder += '
            var newestMember = (td[t+2].innerHTML.match(/Newest Member: (.+?)<\/a>/i)) ? RegExp.$1+'': '[Newest Member Deleted]';
            infoHolder += 'The newest registered member is '+newestMember+'';
            td[t+1].rowSpan='7'; td[t+1].width='20px';
        if(td[t].className.match(/catbg/i) && td[t].innerHTML.match(/Today's Birthdays/i)){
        if(td[t].className.match(/catbg/i) && td[t].innerHTML.match(/Events This Month/i)){
        if(td[t].className.match(/catbg/i) && td[t].innerHTML.match(/Users Online/i)){
        if(td[t].className.match(/catbg/i) && td[t].innerHTML.match(/Active Users In The Past 24 Hours/i)){
            var staffOn = (td[t+4].innerHTML.match(/(\d+) Staff/i)) ? RegExp.$1: '0';
            var membersOn = (td[t+4].innerHTML.match(/(\d+) Member/i)) ? RegExp.$1: '0';
            var guestsOn = (td[t+4].innerHTML.match(/(\d+) Guest/i)) ? RegExp.$1: '0';
            var hiddenOn = (td[t+4].innerHTML.match(/(\d+) Invisible/i)) ? RegExp.$1: '0';
                var iguestlinka = '';
                var iguestlinkb = '';
            } else {
                var iguestlinka = ''; var iguestlinkb = '';
            var totalOnline = parseInt(staffOn) + parseInt(membersOn) + parseInt(guestsOn) + parseInt(hiddenOn);
            var registeredOnline = parseInt(staffOn) + parseInt(membersOn);
            if(totalOnline==1){var toAre = 'is'; var toUsers = 'user';}else{var toAre = 'are'; var toUsers = 'users';}
            userHolder = 'In total there were '+totalOnline+' '+toUsers+' online today :: ';
            userHolder += ''+registeredOnline+' Registered, ';
            userHolder += ''+hiddenOn+' Hidden and, ';
            userHolder += ''+iguestlinka+guestsOn+' Guests'+iguestlinkb+'';
            userHolder += '
            userHolder += 'Usergroup Legend: ';
                userHolder += ' '+groups[g][0]+'  ';
            userHolder += '

            if(td[t+4].innerHTML.match(/Most users online was (\d+), (.+?)<br/i)){
                var mostOnline = RegExp.$1;
                var mostDate = RegExp.$2;

            var usersOn = td[t+4].innerHTML.split(//i)[1].replace('\'','\'');
            userHolder += 'Registered Users: '+usersOn+'';

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2 Responses to Ok, back to the basics

  1. I’ve landed on your page and honestly, just your blog title made me chuckle. You have great “post” titles. Also, don’t knock being lazy and doing nothing…it can be a great thing! I’ll be reading!

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