Ironman 2 Reveiw [there is a scene after the credits]

Well, I managed to go and see Ironman 2 this week thanks to a visit from a friend of mine to my temporary home in Chattanooga! :D. We decided that since I was only going to be in town for a week, and he was only going to be in town for a short while that I should go about trying to see a movie or something so that we could do our old ritual of going around town to various video game shops, looking at things that were honestly to rich for our blood but filled our nostalgia and then proceed to watch a movie and grade it harshly. Now, I would like to preface this review with the fact that while I have been to a few movies, I am not the avid movie goer. Even when I used to work at a theater and could see these things for free, I usually didn’t make it a habit to try to see them that often. But with that having been said, I think I do have a certain amount of taste for film and media, so I figure while my opinion is clearly not the same as a real movie critic, normal people who have things to will probably appreciate it.

I'm on a donught

You will never be this rich

So here we go, Ironman 2. Let me start off by saying that this is up front, not a movie that is worth paying more than whatever the redbox or netflix happens to be charging right now. It is a good movie; however, unlike something like Avatar or your Lord of the Rings, this movie does not deserve the visit to the theater. It is a decent movie in the sense that it has all the right parts that make a movie appealing to audiences. There is your standard mash-up of humor which really you get any time you put Robert Downy Jr. on a Camera for a long enough time for him to go wildly off script and into his own sort of special crazy. And the movie has a somewhat balanced approach to the action vs. the just kind of fleshing out the storyline parts. Making it watchable and not the kind of movie that you’ll be reaching for the pillow during. But that’s really where the problem is too, this movie is like a stamped out attempt to make money, there is no heart in the film what so ever, if anything it has less heart than the mass-produced comic series that it’s based on. Sure you have a mix of special effects, good acting, and a semi solid storyline, but it has been put together in such a way that it doesn’t come off as anything really worth going out of your way to see. It just felt really bland to me, and the pacing was a bit odd, because you know this is Ironman, and that we have a very clear villain this time,  yet most of the movie we spend watching as Tony Stark does something notable stupid, and I suppose worse than that, the movie becomes terribly predictable. I don’t want to spoil too much for you {Ironman Wins}, but the movie just doesn’t feel like it can surprise you. You don’t ever get the sense that Ironman is in any danger, because every time he could get into trouble you know ultimately that they won’t kill him. Unlike in say the new Batman movie, where what the character does has an emotional impact, and things do get changed, this movie doesn’t even want to step out of that box and risk any real damage to the character.

So instead what you end up watching it for is the nifty explosions [admittedly pretty cool]. I mean even transformers 2 had the gall to kill off a main character, Ironman 2 is so filled with this attempt to just be good enough for audiences that you can tell that they aren’t going to do anything to really develop anything in the story. It’s like sitting down for the lunch during High School, you know exactly what’s going to be on the platter, and you also know that while it will be filling, it is just kind of substance to be consumed, and that is really how the Ironman movie comes off to me. When me and Dane [my friend] finally did walk out of the movie it was just kind of this “meh” sensation in the air as there was nothing in the movie to talk about. There was no real thought to the movie, it was just something to stare at for a good 2 hours, with no real emotional depth on the part of any of the characters. If I didn’t know any better I would say that somewhere along the line Stan Lee’s terrible reality TV show cast had gotten involved with the writing for this movie, because it is exactly what it says on the box. It’s just some quick 2 hour investment movie, and that’s really why I can’t recommend going to see it in theaters. It’s just something that could be enjoyed equally once it starts doing reruns on TBS here in 10 years.

Just my 2¢

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