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I’ve always really wanted to do this thing where I cover all the search results that come in and land on my blog, because I know that I hate nothing more than landing on some Blog Page and realizing that this has nothing to do with my search at all and was just some snide assholes comments on the matter rather than any actual discourse. Now of course realizing that is exactly what I have been doing for the past 2 months or so, I figured that perhaps I could make up for it if I actually tried to write something that would be helpful to others. So without any further adieu here is a list of some of the things that have gotten people to my blog, and with any luck they will also contain the information that you were actually looking for:

rise of the eldrazi red/black starter de[ck]

The [] section is assumed by me, you see wordpress apparently suffers from the lazy, and doesn’t actually show me the entire search string [that or, people actually are leaving the ck off of the word deck]. So I’m going to assume that is what people are actually looking for. Now, that done and over with, let’s get on the issue of this particular search, it would seem that there is a perconstructed deck by the name of “Invading Spawn”.

The deck list I am seeing is composed of the following:

9 Mountain
9 Swamp
18 lands

2 Bloodthrone Vampire
1 Dragon Whelp
1 Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
2 Emrakul’s Hatcher
1 Gloomhunter
1 Hand of Emrakul
1 Howling Banshee
1 Lagac Lizard
2 Lavafume Invoker
1 Magmaw
1 Ogre Sentry
1 Pawn of Ulamog
1 Rapacious One
16 creatures

1 Act of Treason
1 Corpsehatch
1 Essence Feed
1 Fireball
2 Lightning Bolt
1 Vendetta
7 other spells

thanks to Rarity Guide for that one, also thanks to either firefox or wordpress for actually doing the conversion on the links. Anyway, it looks like the deck is a mix of Vampires and burn, with some rather generic creatures mixed in. I can’t really say for sure if it’s the best deck to start off with, but it is very much that old “red burns” with some black mixed in for flavor. Looks fun if nothing else.

totally not a blog

I’m not sure if you’re in the right place or not, if you were actually looking for this site by its title, than yes, you are in fact in the right place. If however, you are searching for a site that is not a blog, you are in fact in the wrong place. It’s a special kind of irony. Well more so in the sense, that while I wish I was innovative enough to write something more interesting than my personal thoughts into the old blogosphere, so that I can feel internet special whenever someone comes and makes a post on my blog, I’m also willing to admit that this is in fact a blog.

james hass

Jame’s Hass was a conservative candidate that was running for the House of Representatives in Indiana’s 4th District, I had written a piece on him here. Sadly, it seems that he lost the primary to a republican incumbent somewhere along the line back in early May. While I don’t support his particular viewpoint, he does seem like the kind of guy who at least has a sense of humor about the whole thing, maybe when I get back to Purdue here in the fall, if he drink’s I’ll buy him a six-pack or something for being a good sport.

anno 1404 vs civilization iv

2 Entirely different Genre of game. One is a city builder pretending to be an RTS, and the other is Civ 4. In terms of gameplay, they do have a similar kind of theme to them, but I’m going to have to give this one to Civ 4 if only because I love Sid Meier. Right down the line, Civ 4 can be a “peaceful” game in the sense that you don’t technically have to go to war, but unlike Anno 1404, the option to make it a battle royal is much quicker. But yeah, not really sure what you’re looking for, if you’re looking for something like Galactic Civilization 2 vs Civilization 4 perhaps that would be a fair fight, but as it stands it’s  a lot like comparing Sim City with Grand Theft Auto.

south park 4chan

It appears you were looking for information regarding 4chan’s choice to conduct a small raid just after South Park had announced that they had been forced to censor the 201’st episode due to fears about outrage from the Islamic community. The raid was aptly about trying to piss off the Muslim community on the internet, as you can imagine with anything post Scientology, this raid got no where because nobody cared enough to defend South Park, who was likely trying to troll the Muslim community themselves just so that they could get some notoriety in the media.

totally not youtube

Er… I guess… this is in fact, not youtube, if you’re looking for a site like youtube, but with less legal ties to the MPAA and such than you could always go for vimeo which is a lot like youtube, but with prettier graphics and a more “artsy” style.

i don’t have money for blizzard

Not to be blunt, but you can turn off the payment method on your account, just go to account info and tell them you’d like to cancel the payment. They will present you with a crying orc to let you know that they are saddened that you are not lining their restrooms with more gold pressed platinum stalls, but in the end you won’t be charged the 15/month. Don’t worry, if you stop paying, you can put money that blizzard won’t be deleting anything.

is being furry a psycological problem

The magic 8 ball says “likely”, but there is a good chance that it’s probably just an escapist ideology or lack of comfort with who you are as a person. We rarely like who we are, and we usually try to hide that in a number of ways, one of those is to put on a fursuit and imagine that you aren’t a human being. As to if it’s healthy or not, given that there are a number of conventions each year, I’d go out on a limb to say that even if it isn’t you’re probably surrounded by people who think like you; so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

“one box of butthurt”

I feel bad about this one, because technically the picture I have on my site is several boxes of butthurt stacked on top of each other, to make up for this here it is with one box:

one box of butthurt

Un box de butthurt

There have been some other ones, various strange things, but these are the ones that I figure deserve an answer for what they were looking for, and because of the way that Google’s search algorithm works they were “tricked” into landing on a page with high keyword density rather than what they were looking for in the first place.

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