I just love Blue Screens

Thanks to the work of some wonderful marketing on the part of Radio Shack, along with a combination of other things allowed me to get my hands on a shiny new Iphone. Now as someone who must pretend to hate popular things and ideas because I don’t usually have them, I find myself conflicted by the fact that now I have joined the seemingly endless masses in purchasing a piece of hardware that could out perform my childhood computers and remains smaller than my hand. Anyway, the point of the matter is that I have had one of these devices before, yet in a smaller more Ipod touch like form. A buddy of mine was able to get a hold of one for me during the winter holidays, and I have since gone about to using it to collect my terrible taste in music [including most recently the addition of the Mad World Techno Remix]. This allows me to sit back and enjoy music without bothering people with the noises, and as such I’m also familiar with some of the oddities that seem to come with this software.

Now, one little annoyance that has recently been getting on my nerves is the driver interaction between it and Windows XP. You see whenever I was connecting my Ipod Touch or Iphone to my computer it would immediately blue screen after telling me I had just connected a digital camera. In the case of the Ipod Touch, you might not be aware of this, but that little machine can take screenshots, so if you are suddenly connecting the Ipod touch and it brings your computer into a blue screen mode, you might want to check and see if it has taken any screenshots recently. As far as I know the only real way to solve this problem is to simply delete the pictures, and make sure that you get them off the device in some other manner, as trying to sync them with their “home base” will cause it to come crashing down. Of course it took a few days to figure this out.

You see, the troubleshooting online consist of a few options, first Apple seems to think the cause is with the drivers associated with Logitech’s series of web cam’s, or perhaps Lexmark’s series of scanners. I can tell you right now that after installing the drivers for both of these devices with their most current version, that I am skeptical as to if this is the actual solution. I am still getting a blue screen of death whenever I happen to plug-in said Iphone when it’s got pictures stored locally. There is also a notion to simply turn off the auto play feature that windows uses, of course this just ignores the fact that what is causing the crash has nothing to do with an executable that can be run from the media, and rather it’s just a manner of the driver that Windows XP, Vista, etc. are using to connect to the device. I’m not perfectly sure when this behavior started, but Upgrading to the latest version of Itunes didn’t seem to have an effect either.

I can only assume that this is some kind of very strange driver behavior on Windows part, not because I’m partial to Apple or Linux, but because I could see apple finding an error in the Windows Driver protocols and accidentally leaving their device in a mode that would exploit it. That having been said, I was hoping that some combination of driver updates would work. I’m not perfectly sure that they didn’t yet, as when I was doing the initial install for the Lexmark drivers, it blue screened there as well, so I don’t want to say with absolute conviction that it was a perfect little install.

Anyway, if you are getting this little interference, and not sure what’s causing it, I can put money that it has something to do with the pictures that are local to your phone. As it stands, the best way to fix this problem seems to be simply deleting those images off the device. I’d give a ring to Apple support, but I doubt very much if they care about hardware problems that are likely coming from my hardware and not theirs. But if anyone knows of a way to fix this that doesn’t involve not taking pictures and would like to share, than please feel free to leave a comment here. In the meantime I’m going to stand around being all pretentious about my new shiny soon to be star trekied device. Also this provides you with a method of a controlled blue screen, if you ever want to just crash your computer, you can hook up an Iphone and take a picture. There’s a special kind of irony in that I believe.


Well Played Jobs, Well Played.

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  1. sanantoniocomputerrepair says:

    thanks for the laughs!

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