I seem to have fallen right off a cliff

Well, I would like to apologize because I have been busy but not  really. It’s one of those things where I have had time on my hands but I have spent it on some rather silly things to keep my time occupied.  This includes but is not limited to, moving to Reston VA for the sake of pretending that I am a rich white person, well that and going up here to see some friends and family. And while I was not busy doing that, I kept myself entertained by sinking hours and hours into the nostalgia known as Disgaea. Now if you aren’t familiar with the series, just playing it is likely to land you in a time sync, and what is worse than that is that I’m not actually that good at disgaea, so while most folks can get like 30 characters to level 9999 within a matter of weeks, I’m struggling just to get them above 100. In the achievements department, I finally was able to get the angel class unlocked, though I should note, pretty much all I have learned from this is that melee classes are useful for about the first 25 levels of the game, but after that you really just should have a mage with some decent gear that you can go around and destroy anything and everything that moves, because by the time it gets to the higher levels you can pretty much one shot anything that moves, and if you get it into the form of an angel if you’ve done it right, it has all the spells with the Omega Fire / Ice / Wind / Star and then you get giga heal. With the angel’s ridiculous stats, you can pretty much just assume that you can go murder anything, and if for some god awful reason you land in a spot that is just filled with nothing but silence, give said angel your best sword and let that ridiculous attack power bonus to 1 shot everything there too. It would probably help if I had known much earlier that you can bring you entire party to fight the senators and essentially push whatever will you have through.

That having been said, while I wasn’t playing Disgaea, I was busy getting packed and ready to head up to Reston Virginia, which is this nifty little spot that is nestled just outside of DC. This is cool, because I was tipped off as to a good place to settle in with a job this summer so that when I return to school in the fall, I won’t be completely broke. This has also reminded me that it might be worth something to actually find a bank that isn’t highly localized to the Tennessee valley. And while it is nice knowing that the place I bank won’t try to steal my money and blow it on bad housing initiatives, the unfortunate [or perhaps fortunate depending on your view of Chattanooga, TN] reality of the matter, is that the bank is only in one area of the country, and there is a good chance, I just won’t be in one are of the country. So while it saddens me that I’m going to have to leave the bank, whose Christmas parties they let me attend, I also have that crushing realization that Tennessee != The United States.

Also, I just found this out today, because I went shopping for basic man supplies [stuff you thought maybe might be where you were headed, but you realized it would be rude to try to use someone else’s razor]. My 3 blade cheap .99$ razor was being its usual flesh carving self, so I decided to treat myself to one of those fancy Gillete Fusion blades [thing is like 7 bucks D: ]. Anyway, the cool thing is that it comes with one extra blade, and I’m sure that Gillete will miss no opportunity to give me other blades in the future, and beyond that when you shave it’s like cheating. I’m used t0 shaving and being very much aware of exactly where the razor is because the pressure is so focused on the points of the blade; however, with this thing it’s like some kind of magical 5 blade hair remover that you can barely tell is there. The even cooler thing is that unlike my usual bargain bin of cheap razors, this one actually was easy to clean and didn’t collect hair like a rug collects animal fur. It was actually well worth the expense I hope… if this thing breaks on me I might cry.

Oh yeah on a final note, it occurs to me that I don’t write in long stretches because I have this odd tendency to consider things that are less than 800 words to not be worth a blog post, but then I remembered that nothing on here is worth a blog post, so I’m ok in that regard. So yeah… hopefully when I get bored now I’ll actually post on this blog or something to give the illusion that I am doing something productive with my free time.

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