People actually believe this?

So after having the grace of sitting through a debate class in which I was told there must be a god because of the principle of thermodynamics [in relation to the universe as a whole, not the matter of cellular energy… thankfully]. Anyway, I’m sitting here watching fox news [it’s best that you not ask why], and the debate is essentially debunking modern society and science. The first argument was that we need energy interdependence [makes enough sense right?] of course the way fox news [I think Jon Stossel’s program] is that there is now way that we can actually get away from oil. I’m not even going to cover the fact that you actually do need oil [so far] for the creation of plastics, but the argument was that we will be using Cars / Planes / etc. for the rest of eternity. They seem to dismiss the idea of peak oil as simply a fairy tale. And I think what’s worse is that the audience who seems to watch these lies, and I’m not just talking like “herp this is a little off” I mean the kind of things that actually hold back the progress of humanity. Now I can think of a few reasons why Fox News would choose to hold such a bass ackwards slant on the reality of life, and I’m going to put some money that there is some kind of money to be had in telling people that they aren’t downright stupid for not keeping up with modern science. But it’s just so weird to me to sit here and hear “Wind Energy is pointless herp!”. I know there are people out there who think it’s a bit costly to put a wind farm for little return, and in all honesty as it stands there is some improvement that needs to be done into the wind energy industry, but we’re talking about a technology that has only really been looked at with any critical thought within the last 50 years or so, before that the use of wind technology for efficiency was basically just for getting grain ground up. One thing I’m noticing as I watch this is this focus on “Your tax dollars”, this stupid ass idea that somehow if you don’t spend it in taxes, that you magically aren’t spending this money on bullshit research. This was their argument against high speed rail… that somehow because you are spending tax dollars on it that it is suddenly now digging into your pocket, and that subsidies are of the devil. They mentioned that Highway’s don’t get subsidies [no… they are just paid for entirely by tax dollars] in order to show just how expensive and unnecessary that these technologies were. And now as I’m writing this they are focusing on the privatization of NASA [because they just aren’t “producing results”], and than they focus on things like the Xprize showing just how “great” these things were failing to mention that all of these projects are at best making mistakes that the folks at NASA were making 40 years ago and have long since corrected.

This mistrust of “government” and instead relying on private industry is hilarious. And this channel is being watched by people who once served in the United States military, the very definition of exorbitant government spending, with it’s current 700 billion dollar budget to ensure that not only do we have the power to singlehandedly destroy the world a couple of times over, but on top of that we’ll be able to compete in a world where our opponents at best are running around with RPG’s, a limited navy perhaps consisting of a few fishing boats with a machine gun, and if they’re lucky they might even own a balloon. The Major world military groups are all way to happy with each other to even consider challenging each other to frivolous wars. I think the final nail in this coffin was when he decided to show the Tom Tom as an innovation, completely failing to mention the little bastard device is using a government system of satellite. Welp, that’s it… I can’t watch this anymore, my contact is telling me I should flush my eyes out with clorox. I’m done…

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