It’s 2am and I’m bored, so I borrowed a bow and arrow.

So I’m just going to start talking about whatever comes to mind eh? I joined OkCupid about a week ago because I figured everyone else was doing it, and I have gotten on every other bandwagon so far, so why no this one, so I after having a chat with some folks over at /r9k/ over skype I decided I might as well set up an account simply because I can. Really the truth of the matter is that some days I feel all kinds  of lonely, and it gives me a false sense of confidence when I hear that people from a dating site have clicked on my profile and find me any bit attractive. And by that of course, I mean that I am some kind of deranged internet attention whore, and OkCupid fills out another area in which I can flaunt my dashing good looks ( >.>) and unique kind of charm.

It’s filled with the standard kind of things you would expect from any dating site. Women who you are attracted to are likely not the kind that are going to be attracted to you in any way. This is really just a good reflection of the real world, but I think it just kind of funny how stereotypical the bleedover is. Now with that being said, there are some unique differences between the world of OkCupid and the rest of the dating sites that you will find out there. The first and most striking is that OkCupid has the majority of it’s userbase being from the younger crowd. People who are in the 19-29 age range. This probably has something to do with the way OkCupid has spread and the attitude that the sites owners seem to have. And because it is in that age range, it also attracts a unique demographic. I’ve noticed just from kind of browsing around even on my so-called “worst enemies” kind of sort that a lot of people on the site appear to be pro atheist. I figured that OkCupid was probably still trying to use some kind of matching algorithm to figure out who to show me so I decided it was best if I conducted the search from a “very catholic” perspective, and set up an account as a very catholic man, conservative man. I noticed even on my more noted conservative catholic account that most of the matches were still very much “Liberal / Not too much care about religion / etc”. Maybe I didn’t give the little search bot enough time or something,  but I’d be willing to bet that it has a lot more to do with the demographics that is actually attracted to the site.

I also started off by simply telling OkCupid that I was looking for friends / etc. This however proved to be kind of worthless endeavor because it matched me with men, and more importantly than that, none of them were on OkCupid looking for friends. So when I did message guys with things like “hey OkCupid says we’d probably be friends”, the common replies was something along the lines of “I’m not gay”. So the real thing for me to catch on to here, is just use the site for its intended purpose… dating. The thing about OkCupid is that it is yet another social networking site. But where reddit and digg do social bookmarking, Myspace and Facebook do people I already know, OkCupid introduce the whole web 2.0 theme to the dating side of things. I hope to leave the account open for a while if for no other reason than to pretend that trying to find women on a dating site is in any way effective. I honestly think I have a better chance of meeting the love of my dreams by jumping into traffic and seeing which moron of a human being is willing to try to stop me from waving at the oncoming truck.

Until that point however, I remain skeptical as to just how effective a dating site can be, I mean let’s be honest I was approached by plenty of female players in WoW,  and if I didn’t treat online dating in much the same way I treat back alley organ salesman it would probably have been pretty easy to get contact information / etc. In fact I have a buddy who has done the whole online dating thing not once but twice. Now, both times it’s ended pretty sorely for him with a lot of emotional trauma that could have likely been avoided if he had just… not done it.

But yeah, I’d like to hear some actual success stories from folks… has okCupid or sites like it ever worked for you?

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2 Responses to It’s 2am and I’m bored, so I borrowed a bow and arrow.

  1. wgg says:

    Don’t mean to bore you with all the 5 votes. One was actually more like a 4-1/2 but I tend to round up for cool.

    I arrived here via a Google Alert for OKC. I’d never joined a dating site before but I loved the idea of some math geeks trying to find a match for a wonk such as myself.

    Long story short, as soon as passport, pet and tickets are arranged I’m off to Amsterdam to meet my Nederlandse school jongen.

    Call me crazy or call me LL-Koolaid (my OKC username), but please wish me well!

    • fullphaser says:

      Well I defiantly wish you well ^_^, I know it can be tough getting up and going from one spot to another, especially over love. So I really do hope it works out for you :3

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