Stargate Universe Finale, forgive me for just watching it.

This is pretty much copied verbatim from a post over on Reddit, but really the following sums up my thoughts on what the hell is wrong with modern Science Fiction, and why I just can’t bring myself to watch it.

A continued poor excuse for an episode [just watched it on Hulu]. The problem with the SGU Universe, is that it is trying to be series in a franchise that takes pride in making fun of their stupidity on a regular basis [every 100 episodes in fact]. Really that’s the problem with most recent science fiction is that it wants to be so dead serious all the time. When it’s being “lighthearted” it’s still something serious. Even when Star Trek / Babylon 5 / Farscape / Firefly / Stargate SG or Atlantis / or any other major science fiction production save maybe Battlestar Galactica were dead serious, they made sure to also lighten the mood so that they could be serious and people would know they were serious. Otherwise, when you’re trying to be serious all the time, you just come off as a complete joke.

And I think that’s why I didn’t like this finale, as I watched it, it occurred to me I just don’t care about the characters. The plot became almost predictable as it was clear that Young wasn’t going to empty the air as they had almost 30 minutes of screen time left in part 1. Or in this part of the series, when Telford died I was just kind of like “Meh, sucks to have been him”, the  BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) has no personality, they tried to add depth with the whole “100 people”, but she comes off as “Herp da derp, I’m evil all the time, watch me kill my own people because I don’t care”, so I don’t really care for her either. At least with the SG1 / Atlantis villains, they seemed to have a reason for being evil / whatever else, even Apophis was just a host to a snake, and the episode where the host speaks was really good. The villains are bland, or we know SO little about them, we don’t care. The characters act like angst teenagers rather than characters we relate to, and the only character we can relate to is the one who is seen as the “outsider” in Eli, because well by god acting human is just not something our crew can pull off. I get this whole “we’re stressed thing”, but the crew acts like it’s on the brink all the time, every day and it just gets old.

I’m not saying the series is bunk, but so far the only episode I have enjoyed is the one where the camera spends the most time off the Destiny and back on earth with the SG1 crew. I don’t watch Science Fiction because I want to spend my time depressed [and this is probably why I hated Battlestar], there is no light side of the cloud for these shows, they spend so much of their time being sad about their situation that I just don’t care about them anymore. Hell even Voyager we got “Well, shit, we’re stuck out here, might as well explore”. In this new brand of Science Fiction all we get is “Ha, here’s a twist… THINGS SUCK MORE”. Did my generation grow up and start writing? I mean Jesus Christ, I know getting picked on in school was no fun, but does it need to come off in every show we produce now? The episode felt about as well thought out as a pile of leaves in my front yard, If I wasn’t busy predicting the next 3 acts, I was off trying to think of ways to make the characters more enjoyable.

Lighten up, no seriously, bring the lighting up, the place is about as colorful as a prison cell. Even while off world it’s still that weird ass “this camera highlights the dullest Grey and brings it to the forefront of the scene”.

tl;dr – Just all around disappointment

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