Inception, no really it’s not that bad

Alright, so I went to see Inception a few nights back with my cousin, because I’m up here in DC for summer vacation, and I wanted to go hang out with her before I head back home. So we decided that it’d be a lot of fun to go see the movie inception. The movie has a pretty basic premise if you haven’t already been dragged by a close friend or relative to see it, that our main character is into a form of cooperate espionage and he uses people’s dreams to get their information. Of course any time that we are dealing with subject matters like the human mind we always have to make the movie that much deeper because we can get away with having a house collapse in on itself and that will still be seen as perfectly rational because hell it’s a dream and you never really know whats going to happen in your dreams. This of course leads us all to the ability to pretty much write whatever we want when it comes to the whole sequence of dreaming and going through the plot. The nice thing about this is that even if you make the plot of the movie incredibly simple you can get away with making the audience spin their own tale around it. In this sense you don’t really even have to worry about your story making all that much sense because you can essentially ignore that need and simply allow the audience to build their own explanation.

Now this is a trick that has been used in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre’s for a while, if you can’t write off an experience or event by simply allowing the audience to come up with the own solution. For instance, the Klingon forehead in star trek was simply an issue  with not having a makeup department back in the 60’s and then getting a movie budget in for the Motion Picture. The thing was that Star Trek never really addressed the issue of why the Klingons had head ridges until the fans had sat on it for nearly 2 decades, letting the fans come up with their own little conclusions as to why this had occurred. And that’s not even really a plot hole, as we all knew exactly why it was the Klingons in TOS didn’t have head ridges. Fast forward to Inception where this kind of thing has been made into a sort of art. Now if you haven’t seen the movie yet, than turn back because things are about to get spoiler tastic up in here.

Really the key to the movie is keeping track of all the layers, and so far it seems that a lot of people can do that without too much trouble, but what gets people is that the movie constantly tries to present the top layer [the one the protagonist Mr. Cobb happens to consider reality] is nothing more than a dream, they seal the deal of course with having the movie end on the note that his wife’s totem doesn’t topple over, to signify that “What if this is a dream” kind of thing. Thus the movie can pretend that it’s really a lot deeper than it actually is [a drama movie that talks about the human mind].

There are some folks out there who are confused about what it is that Cobb did with the whole top in the safe thing, so I’ll try to explain. Mal had let limbo [the bottom level there] become her reality, so the scene where “she buries something” is her stopping her totem, so to her limbo was reality. That’s why she lays it down and puts it in the safe. Cobb comes along and starts the totem back up [how she had known what was real and what was fake], this meant that limbo was not real and she now knew it, that reality she considered to be the most real was fake. And that’s the whole seed getting planted thing, this idea that reality which you consider real is completely fake. Realistically it’s a kind of lose idea, and there could have been a few better ways to play it off, but again we are trying to be artsy in this piece and that’s about the only way you’re going to do it.

And it’s a good movie, it uses appropriate amounts of humor and sadness to mix up how it is that things are going, doing that kind of emotional roller coaster ride that you can expect from any good action flick. Now of course what we end up with is a confusing kind of timeline of when are they in the real world, when is it just fantasy.  I tried to draw this helpful chart to help demonstrate when and where they are.


Here you go, a timeline

I don’t know if that helps anyone, the scene at the start of the movie is Limbo at the very end, and you can assume that from that point till getting back to the old man is all a flashback, a common thing in movies, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Overall it’s a good movie, the acting is well done, and I must say that I like our Asian business man. The scene where he says that he has bought the entire airline because it seemed cool really made it for me.

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