Despicable Me was cute

despicable me image

8/10 would watch again

Alright, so I had some friend that swung in from out-of-town yesterday and so as the friendly thing to do that meant taking them by the local landmarks and showing them everything. Of course around here that really just means going to the mall for a few hours and seeing all the big name stores. In the process however we decided to stop by and see a movie called Despicable me. Now before you get ready to spend any amount of time trying to dissect this movie, remember this, it was made for children.

Up front [as I dissect this movie], this movie’s plot is predictable, but you aren’t here to see the plot, you’re here to see the silly cartoon antics and get into the finally subtle use of 3D. It appears that someone over at the studio finally figured out that you could use 3 d for more than just gimmicks and I have to admit the last film I went to see in 3d was chicken little and that was one kind of god awful disappointment. The point here is that the movie seemed to use 3d in a way that wasn’t totally gaudy, in fact it was kind of ok. And the only scene where they went out of their way to be like “look at us we’re using 3d!” was the credits rolling. This is probably do to the fact that they had to make two separate movies, a 3d one and a non 3d one and so on the 3d one they were like “hey shake up the credits”. The point of the matter though is that with the combination of digital projects and the relative ease of establishing layers with 3d it’s probably become a lot easier to actually get things to look “3d”, and it seems that it’s no longer just a game for the Imax to play in.

I say this, because it was one of the things I actually noticed about the film, which isn’t something I usually do, I mean I used to work in a movie theater, so seeing 3d movies was just something we did, but back then it was clearly a money-making gimmick. And that’s not to say that it’s not a money-making gimmick today, it’s just far less clear that it is. 3d is used as less of a gimmick and more as a way to add some graphical fluff to the movie as a whole, which I appreciate. I doubt that we’ll be seeing any major leaps in the near future because 3d’s current limitation has nothing to do with film and everything to do with human vision. At this point we’re going to actually have to start making holograms before we see any real improvements in the technology. There are alternatives, but most of them require that only one person be watching the image, and for media entertainment [ie movies] that simply won’t fly.

But yes, the movie was adorable and featured the classic kind of soften the heart of the villain tale, if you have kids go see it, if you’re bored go see it, it’s cute and you never grow up

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