I did that thing where you make the site newer

So, having bought of boredom in the time before I head up to Purdue, I decided it was high time that my site stopped looking like it just came flying off the runway from a concert to be held at a hot topic. The amount of grunge in the air was beginning to make me look terrible depressive and I just don’t think that would set a good image for any future children that I’m planning on stealing from a small 3rd world country and training to become fighters in a terrible ring similar to dog fighting. As such, I decided to go dumpster diving through WordPress’ range of somewhat more upbeat themes and found one that seems to fit the mood… A lot of nothing with a dash of color. I don’t know why, but I do feel proud of myself for making the banner, which I think much like certain rugs really ties the room together.

I was going to head off on a long tirade about how I made the banner and how long it took me to get it just right, but the truth is that anyone with Photoshop and about 30 minutes of spare time could probably do something pretty similar and likely even shame my attempt at what we shall ever so hesitantly call art. I also think I’m going to play around with the “Widgets” the site comes with so that I can make some kind of very gaudy series of buttons that will be used by no one but myself.

That having been said, feel free to discuss the new theme and yell at me about being slow to post.

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