Back in class, oh my

So today is the day that they force us to migrate back to campus so that we can endure yet another year of embarrassment, shame, and general sadness with our life and day-to-day decisions. Of course, those are the words of a depressed man, and after waking up early today, getting breakfast, and even making myself look mildly more handsome than I already am, it seemed like today was going to be a good day.

So, the first class of the day is some professional writing course which, for reasons beyond my understanding, apparently focuses on the nature of social media and how it relates to advertising, marketing, and generally the manipulation of the human brain in order to sell more stuff. The class had us all introduce ourselves, and by Friday we’ll be discussing the “Old Spice” ads. As such, my temptation to use a blog post for school has never been higher.  I’m wondering if perhaps it will be some kind of weird double motivation to post things, like if perhaps I wasn’t going to post on some big internet sensation, than I would have to write something anyway for this class and thus I might as well just make a blog post and be happy about my day.

Also, it seems like all 400 level classes that come out of the liberal arts side of this campus, we’ll be running through the same generic routine of pretending that a bunch of college students are professionals that can handle themselves, and not slobs who barely just got out of bed a few minutes ago, caught the late bus, and prayed that traffic was a bit less packed today. I mean, I suppose I could gloat over this being my senior year and thus it being a perfect time for me to slack off and do a lot of nothing, but that just doesn’t seem like the approach that I should have towards life, mostly because I have 100k$ in debts to pay off and I’m pretty sure that someone wants that money back here soon.

Maybe I can go and win the lottery and nullify the need for all of this, that would be a pretty nifty way for the world to go. Sadly my chances of stumbling upon several million dollars is not high up there in the likely happenings department. I’d comment on the teacher, but I have a deep dark fear that she’s the type that might stumble across this website in the years to come and that could in turn hurt her feelings if in the near future I get the sudden urge to be hyper critical.

Actually I think I’ll just avoid commenting on college professors, for I know that somewhere they have connections, and burning a bridge digitally is not the way to do things in this day and age. Well, actually, it is; but I don’t want to be that guy who writes a multi-paragraph blog post complaining about the multitudes of bad professors and teachers that I have come across in the many the many years that I have been part of the whole educational ladder here in the United States. With this tirade having been said I do dread what the class specifically devoted to online interactions will go. I mean sure it could be a wonderful class that understands the motivations of the internet, and the ebb and flow of the digital world and its strange moods. However, given how many times I have hoped for that from a small group or community, it would seem that it is highly unlikely for such a kindness to occur.

If you’re ever at Purdue University this year feel free to drop by and hang out. If you’re female let me know what your favorite restaurant or movie is first that way I can give off the impression that I’ve got my crap together. But yes, school is back and now I have the unfounded motivation to write worthless drivel for no less than once if not even twice a day. Be warned twitter, the blogosphere, and even my mother for summer is over and the time of incoherent rambling is upon us all.

[Insert Dr. Weird Laugh here].

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