Why people like blogging?

As I do more and more classes that seem to focus on the nature of professional communication and the idea that the internet is becoming more heavily involved with that communication; I have begun to realize why it is that people like blogging so very much. You see, humans like attention, as much as we pretend that we would like to stay in our basement, the truth of the matter is that we do at some level like attention. If this is through the small number of visits one gets from their blog, or being needed in your next world of warcraft raid, or even being the central figure on some major social networking website, the message is all the exact same: People like to be the center of attention. Now as someone who often criticizes common sense on paper, I would like to investigate what it is that makes people so addicted to attention. The core issue has to lie somewhere in our monkey brain and what it is that makes us all very social creatures, the very basic building blocks of not only our language but also the village structures that we like to establish.

And so that leads to the core question, how does this monkey brain love of villages translate to the creation of the blogosphere? The truth of the matter is that the blogosphere as much as I would not like to admit it is a community of sorts. And as such it kind of constructs itself as a sort of village, composed of thousands of little blogs, all of which filter back to the central vein of the internet [google in this case]. So now that we’ve established these little villages all around the internet, what is it that allows people to gather attention to themselves?

If they’re like me, they will continue to write page after page of terrible blog material. But most people just stick to a single theme [WoW, Atheism, feminism, Politics], this allows them to stay within a community of sorts where each member talks about what it is they like. This builds the community slowly but surely creating blogs like Resto 4 Life, Blag Hag, and even Politics and Pucks are all blogs with a very focused theme. And it seems that the real secret to blogging has very little to do with anything of actual value [as there are more than enough blogs that seem to do  reprints of other blogs and do just fine, I’m sure we could call them some kind of newsvine… but no]. The real key to all of this is to simply keep writing and not stop, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have someone who likes what it is you write and will follow you. If you can think of it, there is probably a following for it, hell I consider Sfdebris a hero and all he does is review episodes of Star Trek that I have seen a couple of thousand times.

Actually speaking of Sfdebris I have considered the option of doing the same thing with the couple of Stargate DVD’s that I have, but that would require a good sense of humor and a lot more knowledge about editing an hours worth of show down to 10 minutes of humor and ability to speak for that long. But I digress, back to just keep writing and eventually someone should in theory follow you. I would think that people just like reading, and eventually they will find something that they enjoy and for that brief moment you will have yet another hit to your blog and perhaps even a small conversation to be held between the newcomer and yourself [and on the off-chance… followers]. This creates some kind of odd endorphin rush where for a matter of moments and an email you are a bright center of attention.

I figure it is this small rush that leads people to write more and more, and hopefully write content that they are proud of. This allows them use this little rush to create even more post. It’s this kind of continuous cycle that has made the blogosphere what it is today, a massive beast that has almost gotten to the point where it can be considered [in some parts of the sphere] a more reliable form of information than most large media groups.

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