Oh God I’m not dead!

Well, I did promise that I wouldn’t forget about my own blog, and the truth of the matter is that because of the number of times I used the word 4chan throughout my site, my traffic really never goes down. That having been said and now feeling like one of those self accomplished blog authors because I don’t have a day where my traffic isn’t below 5 [oh yeah, that totally allows me to proclaim myself king of the blog-oh-sphere] I thought it might be nifty if I came back and pretend that instead of being entirely caught up with life, school, and other projects that I was actually working on something useful. And in truth I have been doing no such thing, instead I decided thanks to some motivation [read bribery] from a couple of my friends that I should step back into the dragon’s maw that is World of Warcraft, a 57% drop in work efficiency was detected when I reactivated this subroutine [it’s funny because I can say that without being ironic]. Well, as you may well be aware, Blizzard is trying to milk the old horse, and to do so they are going to have to get back into the spirit of things and fix some issues that have been around in the game since ti’s creation including a lot of the old world content which happens to be out of date with the rest of the game. So in light of that they went back, redid the entire continent so that it was now safe to fly over, made sure that the quest chains no longer take you 7 years and a few months to complete.

So myself and said friend [and roommate] decided that because there is no longer a “Loot Barrier’ that separates 25 man content from 10 man that we should get a small guild together. We called it “Dawn of Evolution” in honor of a horde guild of the same name on Black Dragonflight, and are slowly working to prepare for the upcoming expansion. Some of these things include trying to get past some old raid content that will likely be disappearing come the end of WoTLK [Ulduar Hard Mode Drake, ICC Drake, etc]. The problem of course is that getting any kind of guild together is already pain enough as it is, and most folks are either happy where they are, or if they aren’t in a guild there is a pretty good reason for it.

So with that in mind, I have been having trouble keeping the fledgling little guild together, enough so that I’m not really sure if it will actually make it Cataclysm, which would be a shame I suppose, but it would also probably mean I wouldn’t be busy actually playing Cataclysm which is a plus in its own little ways, meaning I could spend time not playing WoW to actually take care of things in the real world that are otherwise just not happening because I get distracted by shiny things easily. On top of that, the solid 3 months of me not doing anything over the summer and actually working for a living puts a much different perspective on things when you come back. Sure you can think of it is a good time waster, but I was actually being oh so moderately productive when I wasn’t sleeping / working / or eating, and it’d be nice to go back to that sort of standard. The problem with this of course is that when the folks you live with, and the folks who call you also happen to be the folks that play WoW it becomes the conversation topic of choice, because failing the novel conversations about Star Trek and how Picard would have totally lost to Kirk in any kind of fight that didn’t involve talking to a wall for an hour, nerds really don’t have a lot outside of their area of expertise to talk about, I suppose this is why I should take up some kind of athletic event to keep me from getting bored, if only of course I wasn’t incredibly lazy and non athletic.

But with that in mind, I’m only a semester or so from Graduating here at Purdue University, which is of course is comforting while also being incredibly scary at the same time, as I neither have the funds nor the grades to truly make graduate school an option, so it really is time to go out there and actually find a job of sorts.

It also occurs to me that I haven’t actually written any kind of blog post in nearly 3 months now, so I think I’m going to take the Maddox way out and say that I’m only writing things that I think are of quality [of which this post of course… is not].

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