So it wasn’t really a missle

Image of mystery contrail

This is a Plane

Well, if have been following the 24 hour news cycle with any regularity, than you are probably aware that their most recent dip into the crazy was this whole little missile affair off the coast of California. Now I will say that having no expertise in any field related to aircraft, based off the photos and the 15 second video clip I saw, I would have thought it was a missile too. But evidence provided by various people who know what they’re talking about have all confirmed that this is likely just the contrail of an aircraft, and more importantly it’s only showing up now because the flight that created it was made back in September of this year. In addition to that little detail is also the note that Daylight Savings had only gone into effect on November 1st, so it would have been on of the first times this particular travel plan was taking off with the sun at that angle.

And admittedly this evidence is all very nice in retrospect, looking back on it, if it were a missile I’m sure the population of Los Angeles would have all had their camera phones out taking pictures or the like. The clear lack of concern from the city in combination with the now mounting evidence that had it been a missile of any type it would rank among one of the slowest launching vehicles we’ve ever made. I guess what amuses me is the number of people who are coming out of the woodwork acting as if they knew this was an aircraft the entire time. I’ll be the first to insert my foot into my mouth and say that when I heard the theory that what was being seen was in fact some kind of plane I said something to the tune of “Bullshit”. This of course was incorrect, and I really should take into account some more studies on contrails, aircraft climb angles, and a number of other things that I was clearly not aware of. Of course save for a few people in the scientific community and those who had read similar events which sparked a similar controversy in other states of the union everybody [and I think upon seeing the evidence provided] would immediately thing “Looks like a missile to me Bob”.

As for the reason it took off with such obscenity? Well let’s face it, had it been a missile it would have been an incredibly interesting conspiracy theory as the Navy and Air force both did a 180 and said “Oh… missile? Oh bugger ought look into that”. It provokes the human imagination [amplified by the media making a huge deal out of the matter], and it gives people something to talk about during an otherwise bland day.   A mystery missile being launched off the coast of California is a really cool idea and its something that the Public could latch onto and have a nifty discussion about in light of the other things going on in the world. I think in truth people wanted it to be a missile, the revelation that it’s just the flight from LA to Hawaii was kind of  a downer, because it makes everything ordinary again.

Honestly as much as I’m trying to defend myself, I’m not really sure I can get onto the media about this particular slip up. Yes they hyped it up, and yes they had some kind of panic mode going, but of all the stupid things they have hyped in the past, when you go to a slew of experts, show them some pictures, and ask them what it is and they all say “Meh looks kind of like a Missile”, it’s a somewhat natural reaction to think “Maybe it’s actually a missile”. And with even more credit in the favor of networks which I have no particular trust in the Media was also quick to point out [both Fox News and CNN] that said missile had a chance of being a plane, and they tried to bring in experts in the field to state that point.

So yes, it was a Plane [More than likely], and yes I thought it was a missile too, and no I don’t think anybody is stupid for seeing the photos provided and not immediately thinking what they were seeing was not an aircraft.

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