4chan vs. Tumblr – I actually write something

So apparently I underestimated how popular this little event would actually be in terms of “Internet Thermo Nuclear War”. I figured that much like many things about 4chan I have commented on in the past, they would dedicate an IRC channel, a few dedicated anons would make their way to the website, an attempt at a DDoS would be made, the severe case of ADHD would kick in and we could all move about our merry little way. What I of course did not expect was the flood of traffic I would get for being on of the first “blogs” to post about this little occurrence [simple titles and saturation of keywords (in this case 4chan and tumblr) are what Google was looking for, so I ended up at the top of the list, likely because I’m one of the few blogs that talks about 4chan or its related culture with enough frequency to merit this so-called keyword saturation]

So that is why you are here, I talked about 4chan enough in the past that Google thinks I’m qualified to give you a good answer on what is occurring right now between the two sites. My previous post was little more than making fun of the user bases that currently compose both sites, and as such it isn’t actually filled with much information past “Oh by the way here is the wiki page about it”. I would add something about if the Insurgency wiki picked it up (they hate IRL stuff, so this seemed more like their thing), but sadly it appears that someone forgot to pay the bandwidth bill again and the site is down.

Anyway, I’ve described below for the various users of the world what you should know about the event from the “Investigative Research” (read: some browsing I’ve done, along with past experience.)

tl;dr – There is a section header for you, read it.

For 4chan Users:
You and I both know that those servers won’t go down under any amount of brute force attack. Unlike sites like Subeta, Hal Turner’s Website, and the likes these people have probably actually paid their bandwidth bills recently, and on top of that it looks like they have a pretty stable infrastructure going on. So if you want to make any kind of ground, you’re going to have to think of tactics to troll teenagers. This in all truth shouldn’t be to hard, and I’m sure that your dedicated combination of guro, etc. should prove to be an annoyance [if nothing else] to tumblr’s userbase.

Remember always that much like when you move against sites with Large Userbases, you are going to trigger an influx back to 4chan. This was originally why the whole concept of “Rules 1 & 2” were drafted, so we could pretend like it was Ebaums world. Of course this time you guys seemed to do that preemptive thing where you let everyone else know you were “planning ze attack”. Expect a large influx of new users [and by that, I mean nothing of value will have been lost].

Read the wiki and docs as I’m sure you know where to find them, and if you’re not sure than lurk some moar.

For Tumblr Users:

Tumblr.com users,  you are likely teenagers, and from what I’ve read they are probably just annoying you. I wouldn’t worry too much about your site going down. Unlike twitter, it  looks like Tumblr actually anticipated scaling issues, so you don’t have to worry about 4chan having any effect on the sites bandwidth and speed [not yet at least, they just don’t have the dedication / members]. You can remain pretty confident that even if the attacks were to continue, they won’t continue for very long. /b/tards these days suffer from a terribly short attention span and as such can’t be trusted to maintain something like this for any length of time greater than 6 months.

The most organized raids usually involve online games, and as Tumblr has no spear chuckers or catapults to keep the raid amused, you can be sure that by no later than the next major Holiday [Thanksgiving] they will have given up and moved on to whatever their next exciting adventure is [more camwhoring of course].

For Users of Both Websites:

Nothing of Value has changed.

For everyone else:

4chan.org is a site born out of the Futba style image board popular in Japan, it is a site which has in the past been known for organizing events like the global protest of scientology. On occasion the userbase organizes itself much like a flock of birds and chooses a target on the internet to harass, they do this through the use of gore [dead animals, humans, decapitation, blood, etc] and various other pornographic means, popular images include Goatse, Tubgirl, and others [I advice against searching for those]. These attacks usually last 5-20 days depending on dedication and how popular the IRC channels are.

Tumblr is a microblogging service that incorporates images. It is the target for this attack because many of its users are identified as the stereotypical “Hipster”.

I’ll write something here in the future about how “Going Viral” actually works, because that goofy little blog post actually got a “viral” effect going on, which is always cool to watch unfold.

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2 Responses to 4chan vs. Tumblr – I actually write something

  1. Gregory says:

    If this really is a symbolic battle, and not just something ripe to be sensationalized by bloggers as ‘epic’ (the net’s most overused adjective) it is a symbolic battle that 4chan has already lost, an unstoppable public suicide attack made only as a statement, a self-organizing system merely going through the final motions and bringing about its own always self-indulgent auto-destruction, as Tumblr’s own Operation Overkitten has already created an impenetrable defense system.

    • fullphaser says:

      I’m not so sure I’d call it an impenetrable defense system, or really an operation at all. In fact, that’s a lot of flowery language for “Two sides of the same coin are fighting with each other”. This is a raid just like every other raid before it, nothing besides the size of Tumblr’s user base makes this special snow flake raid any more “A statement” or “Epic” than the past hundred raids that 4chan does on a pretty regular basis.

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