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Yeah... even after writing a 8k word article on Feral Druids, I can't tackle that in one go

Originally I was going to do a full blown analysis of the full fetish mapping (pictured above), but common sense told me that such pursuits were well past my mediocre writing and editing skills. As such, I decided that it would be best to tune down such notions to a much more reasonable number of Fetishes. The following is a simple (my not having any sort of Psychological background]) analysis of the various fetishes that people have developed over the years and why it is that people might have them.

For my list of simple fetishes I will be using the Pedobear family as a starting point. It is a collection of creatures using the Chinese Zodiac with the Monkey replaced by Pedobear and the Ox replaced by the more American Cow. There is a delightful picture below to help demonstrate the various animals which compose this strange and disturbing zodiac.


Pedobear and Friends

Pedobear and Friends

The ultimate truth is that I can’t explain exactly why someone might become aroused by one thing or another, but I can take a pretty ballpark guess at possible related causes.

Pedobear – I would like to point out before I go off on some tangent that I am often concerned with the light hearted nature with which Pedobear gets treated. He is the online representation of Child Pornography and Child Molestation, yet he is commonly juxtaposed with children and infants with all those involved laughing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I really care either way what you find funny, but it comes off as hypocritical to be “Protect the Children” one moment and then to move on and laugh as Pedobear knocks down a child in an animated .gif in the next.

That having been said, Pedobear is the embodiment of fascination with Lolita or sexual arousal from prepubescent individuals. Now before I start trying to rationalize any of this, I want to make it incredibly clear that I in no way intend to defend pedophiles. What they are doing has been deemed wrong by modern western society and as such should be punished according to the laws set in place; however, I think it critical that we try to understand why it is that we have such a large pedophile problem.

The initial issue exist in the notion that society has moved on from standards that we previously held. To clarify, society at one timed thought that the marriage of a 30 year old man to a 13 year old girl was perfectly acceptable and normal, and the sex lives of that couple while frowned upon was still accepted. That human mating drive to have sex with something as soon as it can have children has not changed, it has been repressed [and rightly so I believe] by our cultural standards and taboos.

When you add to this that the addition of large amounts of hormones have been added through all manner of food products, the answer [though disturbing] becomes  a bit more clear. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation records that on average most girls have their first period 2 years after the formation of their breast formation with 5-15% of girls between the ages of 8 to 9 developing breast. The long and short of this is that you have girls technically capable of breeding [Though, and I stress this, every notion of science says don’t] as early as age 10. So what you end up with is pedophiles just wanting to have sex with something.

Now of course you add into this all the notions of dominance, control, manipulation, etc; unlike other fetishes, those aren’t the core or dominating factor. The key driving force is that they are willing to have sex with something, and if that something happens to be young it gets them aroused. When you have kids growing up faster, a self imposed cultural taboo [rather than a natural one], and a population that in more puritanical sections of the western world try to bury their sex drives, what you end up with is pure and simple pedophilia.

The fetish is born out of a instinctual drive to mate with… well just about anything, the fetish is reinforced when these people associate youth and innocence [that we capitalize that how girls look when they are 18 – 24 is the “Perfect Sexual being], that when that 18 year old look starts to show up in 12 – 14 year old children the fetish comes together.

As of current, Pedophilia is classified as a Psychiatric disorder among anyone past the age of 16 who finds themselves primarily attracted to young children, and is often associated with low self esteem and difficulty interacting with adults. It is believed that the Pedophiles find interaction with adults to be intimidating, and thus find children less threatening.

Scat Rat – Perhaps made most famous by the artful 2 Girls, 1 Cup in the eyes of the modern public, Scat refers to the act of deification or feces in order to achieve sexual arousal.  As will be discussed at a further point, Scat has many close ties to the idea of Water sports with a strong focus on embarrassment and pleasure associated with being allowed to use the restroom .

One theory that has arisen is the idea that people, especially males, have made a habit of bringing pornography magazines with them when they go off to the restroom. As a result of such, there has been a close tie between the act of using the restroom and the act of becoming sexually aroused. This is an interesting theory and of course ties into the idea that a Fetish comes as a sort of Pavlovian treatment with arousal, in that if arousal is tied to a certain activity enough times, eventually the activity itself will cause arousal.

There is of course the flip side which takes up nesting in the same tree as BDSM in that the act of forcing someone to serve as a human toliet, or watching someone use the restroom is a form of control and embarrassment.

Futa Cow – Known more commonly as “DickGirl”, the fetish centers around the idea of having sex with a female who has male genitalia [most notably a penis]. There is a lot of speculation across the net about not why people might  enjoy the fetish but rather if liking the fetish makes them homosexual. And while usually I would make a short, useless joke at their expense I think that may honestly speak more about the fetish than anything else.

The truth is that in Western culture that while Female to Female sexuality is not only allowed it is often times encouraged [as we’ll discuss with Yuri]. The flip side of this societal coin comes from the notion that male to male sexuality is not only discouraged it is shunned. I have a theory that this allows the classical heterosexual male to express latent homosexual tendencies that could otherwise not be expressed without a few strange looks.

There is no true middle ground for males in society in terms of their sexuality, there is simply the notion of “Straight / Gay” with the notion of being bisexual being ridiculed by both sides of the aisle. It is because of this, that I offer up the idea that Futanari serves as a sort of middle ground for those who aren’t to sure of their own sexuality, or choose not to see it as distinctly heterosexual. It allows them to act on attractions that they have without feeling as if they are betraying that stereotypical male heterosexual mentality.

The idea of Futanari also likely has some strong roots in the idea of a feminine figure with aspects that are distinctly male. That in some way it is the physical personification of a male characteristic or attribute, making the character somehow more inherently masculine in terms of attitude and the likes.

Shota Tiger – Shota refers to the relationship that is held between a young male and an older female. Mimicking pedophilia in more than a few ways, the focus is often on this Bigger Sister / Little Brother relationship between the characters. Unlike straight pedophilia, this is more of an story and art style than it is a straight sexual fetish but shows more classically related sexual themes.

This of course is not set in stone, and the idea of Shotacon can extend to Yaoi and other sexual fetishes. At the core, the idea is the sexualization of a young male. In my brief overview of the pedophilia side of things I mostly focused on the older individual to younger female, but in Shota the focus is on a young male.

This brings us to an interesting statistic, according to a piece by the Psychiatric Time entitled “Psychopathology and Personality traits of pedophiles”, the authors discuss that while the accepted statistic for female pedophiles is only 1.5% – 4% of all pedophiles depending on which statistic you are looking at, this rate is getting thrown off by society’s general lackluster approach or care for the relationship between an older female and a younger male. It is assumed that the majority of the cases simply aren’t reported or taken in a serious light given that women have greater access to children [as a general theme] than males, as well as the fact that the children women have access to wouldn’t be able to report the abuse.

The cause for the fetish is likely similar to that of pedophilia, and the reason that so many males tend to find the heterosexual side of Shota to be so attractive may lie in a sexualization of the mother figure [Freud would be proud].

Yuri Bunny – Yuri sits as kind of the catch all counterpart to Yaoi, in that the focus of the art is on a lesbian relationship. Unlike Yaoi, there is no specific intended audience, it is simply a lesbian subculture and fetish. This makes it a bit bland but does give a bit of insight into the male psyche.

One might initially ask “What is so attractive about two women having sex?”, as a male I feel uniquely qualified to futz around and describe to the world at large what could possibly be the attraction of two naked women. The key here is that men are visual creatures, we always have been. While women are looking for a mate that can actually provide for their young, men are looking for a mate that will produce the healthiest offspring [at least according to most accepted ideas regarding male sexuality].

Being such visual creatures leaves us all a bit more susceptible to the ideas portrayed within Yuri. This would differ if we were to look at the feminine perspective which seems to have less  stigma related strings [as described above same sex couplings among women isn’t so frowned upon]. As such a women may see something as simple as two cute / etc. females in a relationship.

Guro Dragon – Guro is the act of violence or bloodshed. At the core of the fetish it is all about death and violence to some degree. Ok, so I exaggerate a bit, but seriously this fetish has a lot of bloody bits to it, and I’m not just talking about the kind you’d find in the UK (You see it is funny because in the UK, they say Bloody hell… oh who gives a damn)

This fantasy plays out about as well as one might expect. In my limited time bouncing around and finding guro from time to time on the internet, it often seems that sex is downplayed as secondary to the nature of the piece being presented. The only real piece I can recall was of a bunch of High School students being decapitated naked, and really that’s only because it gets reposted so often. I should probably explain that any person that has been on the internet for a time greater than 10 years should have at this point seen an aspect of every single one of these fetishes; it just kind of comes with the territory.

My theory on this particular fetish has to do with the horror and thriller movies we tend to show to all the kids. The basic idea follows the Pavlovian idea that if you associate an idea with pleasure enough times you’ll get that pleasure when you bring up the idea. In this case I am going to assume that pleasure is the act of watching or partaking in something violent [the easy out here is video games / television / something].

Now, I played Video games, and I must say that the whole Gore thing doesn’t really get me going, so much like any other fetish it’s probably a different strokes for different folks kind of thing.

The most obvious answer lies in the notion of escapism in the form of violence.   That instead of being caused by video games or the likes, Guro stands as a sort of counterpart allowing those who indulge in it an outlet to release tension and anger. By making it a sexual activity, they are simply taking that stress relief [the idea of killing others, which I guess is kind of like punching a pillow taken to a whole new level] in a more physical form.

Vore Snake – Vore is the act of consumption, or rather the notion of getting aroused by the act of being consumed. Like all of the other fetishes on the list, it crosses over into other areas including furry, guro, and the likes.

Unfortunately there isn’t a huge collection of data on vore in particular [in comparison to some of the more documented fetishes]. I did find one repeating theme when trying to scour the net for people who were willing to tell their story and it usually involved a simple awkward and passing fascination that over time evolved into a fetish.

I initially assumed it was in a way related to food or perhaps some kind of oral fixation, but most of what I have been reading seems to simply point to an awkward fascination with the idea of being consumed by another creature.

The community seems to divide itself into soft and hard vore with soft representing no pain, simply swallowing, and hard representing viscous sort of cannibalistic activities.  This creates a unique event in which the two separate categories could have entirely different causes. If I were to take an honest shot in the dark, I would suspect soft vore has some form of “wanting to be protected” mentality tied with it, the idea that the victim is ultimately safe in the stomach of the one who ate them. This is contrasted with Hard Vore which could have ties to wanting to express violence [much like with Guro].

S&M Horse – Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, sadism, and masochism (BDSM for short), though technically different, I’m going to lump together for the horse here. Of all of the fetishes on the list, this one may actually be the most commonly accepted, which is amusing in its own right.

The basic premise of the fetish is deceptively simple: Control or being controlled. The thing is, society has come a long way since the old tactic of beat the woman with the club and drag her back to your cave. These days there is all manner of tradition, expected behavior, and social and societal taboos. These little mannerisms of society essentially define how we court each other, and perhaps even more interestingly how we have sex, with some religious groups actually going so far as to condemn anything but the missionary position.

But to assert that BDSM is something as simple as trying to escape traditional views of sexuality is I think a bit misguided. Sigmund Freud, world renown father of modern Psychology stated that it was a a drive to prove affection for a loved one. The basic idea was that the male or female wanted to be rejected (beaten, etc) by their loved one so that they could rebound from that event with more love and affection.

There is a continued explanation comes in the form of trying to escape from responsibility. That by participating in BDSM, the partner can for a brief time take no responsibility, or become a slave of sorts. That this allows them to escape from the stress of the life around them by simply taking the weight of responsibility and guilt from them, and serves as a sort of therapy.

As such, It is I guess of no surprise that with the rise of Femansim we are seeing a greater rise in the number of women switching roles with what was traditionally assumed to be the male role of the Sadist, and men becoming the Masochist. As women are more and more casting away traditional gender roles in favor of a more balanced [although not quite there yet] sort of society. One might assume that the same stresses originally associated with the Fetish might now also be getting applied to women as well.

In the long run, BDSM has set the stage for nearly every other fetish by being the first to get any real public exposure, and while not quite regarded as normal it certainly has come a long way from being considered a mental disorder.

Furry Sheep – I briefly explored the Furry Fandom before in a post about a young man who claimed to be a furry and was tired of the general despise he got for that. Now, I did get a little bit of a scolding for being so… generally unkind about the fandom and the approach of summing them all up as over sexualized anthropomorphic  plushy loving jail house gay internet users who can’t be bothered to see that they are supporting a fetish. I admit that perhaps that assessment is a little damning, and there are probably members of the furry community who just like Fox and the Hound or Lion King because talking animals is a nifty idea.

But lucky for me, we’re not here to discuss Fox and the Hound or the Lion King. No, quite the opposite, we are here to discuss why someone might look at Nala and think to themselves “Man I want to bang that”. If you’re not sure what furry porn is, I can give you a quick idea. The basic premise of the concept is to take various animals [foxes, wolves, etc] and make them anthropomorphic in nature. This includes having them stand on 2 legs, giving them more human like features / mannerisms / etc. I was going to post a picture, but Google already thinks pretty lowly of me and I forgot I had safe search turned off. Point is, think Krystal from the Starfox games, or Robin hood in that Animated Disney thing.

Now, to analyze why people would find attraction to an anthropomorphic fox, we need to actually define the community. There are two ends to the community in full, the first being what I’ll refer to as the artsy furries. This is a group that mostly stays on the internet, draws pictures, and reads furry erotica. The group tends to consist of people who wouldn’t actually admit this fetish at a party and try to keep it to themselves.

The second group is the fursuiters, this group makes it a full blown part of their lives, going to conventions, etc. The group has all to often been referred to as “Jail house Gay”,  as there are already an overwhelming number of members who are actually homosexual within the group, and in addition to that the male to female ratio is terribly one sided. It’s generated all number of terms including “Yiff” and the likes which are now known throughout the internet.

Now, when you take these two groups and look at them, they are distinguishably different enough to draw at least a small line in the sand. According to a study conducted by the University of California, only 18% of the furry community actually owns a fur suit of any kind. Perhaps even more notable than that is the majority of the community is composed of White, Male, Liberal, Students about 24 years old. More interesting than that is that only 32% of those surveyed said they were heterosexual.

This actually gives a lot of room to work with to start the whole “Analysis Process”. One of the things credited with the backbone of the furry community is the massive number of cartoons that the community was exposed to as children. This could have a lot of indicators about attachment to childhood, or a poor experience there in, trying to recapture the past. Of course one of the biggest themes is escapism. When you begin to dig around the internet, you start to find out just how seriously some people really take this. The whole notion of being a furry is ingrained right into how the person perceives them self, and it could be easily seen as a form of escapism from reality. The idea that one might be able to escape their own body in favor of something different.

When you factor in the still socially taboo nature of homosexuality into the mix, and the seemingly large overlap between the furry community and the homosexual community, one could draw the conclusion that there is probably a lot of support within the furry community purely because of the constant critical review it receives for being furry alone, providing a shelter for those that are confused or not willing to be open about their sexuality among their peers. By being furry, they are a furry first and homosexual second, making the homosexuality seem less like the “Kink” and more like just something that tags along for the ride.

Now obviously I have my own personal bias, which will probably bleed through and likely has bled through on all of these. But in the long run, even when you discount the fact that zoophilia is inherently illegal, I’m inclined to believe the 1% respondent rate on the number of zoophiles in the community, and it may be an attraction purely to what made their childhood enjoyable.

Yaoi Rooster – The Yaoi rooster reminds me of a comment a friend of mine once said regarding a female acquaintance of ours with “The only way she’ll ever achieve orgasm is to watch two fully grown men copulating”. Yaoi at it’s core is a form of Hentai in which the focus of the piece is on a homosexual relationship between two males. The usual appearance of this in US media [at least from what I have seen] is to take two popular heterosexual characters from various shows / cartoons / etc. and portray them in a relationship.

At first, I was simply going to say that the idea of Yaoi was simple, the idea of homosexuality. That it was as simple as a homosexual attraction in the real world with regards to what gets people all hot and bothered. But the truth of the matter is that the media isn’t aimed at a male homosexual audience. In fact, the majority of Yaoi authors are females as its “readers”. In fact the homosexual market has an entirely different term in Japan with “bara”, which I suppose is admittedly lacking from the above zodiac, but is obviously somewhere within the fetish map.

The wikipedia entry on the comic style is disturbingly well written, soured, and lengthy, and covers the basic premise and concepts that are common within the genre, making sure to distinguish it from its counterpart in that the Yaoi style is purely aimed at a female audience [which I suppose makes Brokeback Mountain Yaoi].

Now, one can make all kinds of supposition at the cause of the popularity of the genre within society, as any stop by your local comic convention or perhaps even a store with a focus on Japanese culture will probably have this story telling style somewhere on their shelves. Unlike many of the other fetishes which have and will be presented, Yaoi’s focus is not on control, but rather fantasy. As Kazuko Suzuki, author of “Pornography or Therapy, Japanese Girls creating the Yaoi Phenomenon” points out that most of the characters within the genre are either without mothers, or the mothers presented are generally portrayed in a negative light. It is elaborated that this allows the reader to submerge themselves in a fantasy in which their own lack of unconditional love from a maternal figure draws them to the romantic themes presented in the Yaoi genre.

Keiko Takemiya, author of what is roughly translated as “Women like Gays!”, expresses that it is an extension of feminism, that women are able to separate the idea of sexuality from their own bodies, and that in helping to cast away the traditional ideology of gender roles within society it helps to establish a sort of feminism. Furthermore, the prevailing theme of rape throughout the story doesn’t leave the character stigmatized as women so often are in the real world. In fact, quite the opposite occurs within the Yaoi genre, with the rape victim often retaining their innocence and it helping to define their sexuality at some later point in the story. In a post by Yaoipress of Bukisa, the author expresses that by allowing the same traditional themes that define a romantic story to occur to a male,  women don’t feel as vulnerable and aren’t reminded of the possibility that they could be raped or perhaps something even more traumatic and saddening.

The key here is distance and fantasy. It allows the women to view an “Idealized” relationship occur between a man and a man, which keeps the sexuality away from their own bodies. The taboo nature of not only homosexuality, but the genre in general allow them to become sexually aroused without the wave of generally puritanical / vulnerable thoughts that come along with that.

Also, I am keenly aware that the picture above has this shown as “Yaoi Cock”, but it will be a cold day in hell before I put that phrase in the strong tag, I am already dreading the possible google search results that may come of this.

Hetero Dog – Hetero dog is the simplest on this long and perhaps disturbing list of sexually charged creatures. He is the representation for heterosexual intercourse between two consenting individuals. This is at the very base the core of our sexuality in the societal perspective, that one has sex in order to breed or for pleasure with a consenting adult of the opposite sex.

Now of course, this little zodiac alone has taught us that our sex lives aren’t nearly that simple, as we much like our sea based brothers and sisters the dolphin have sex for pleasure [an oddity in the animal kingdom]. More importantly, the heterosexual only perception of human sexuality is slowly being shattered through quickly growing movements like the Gay Pride movement which has been working for 30+ years to demonstrate that there is more to human sexuality than simply Heterosexual Sex in the Missionary Position without any form of Contraception.

Watersports Pig – Referred to as Urolagnia within most modern context, the act is basically one involving urine. It holds a similar place to Scat Rat in that it has a great deal to do with the nature of being embarrassed. The idea is perhaps most famous in a modern context thanks to an indecent which allegedly occurred between rapper R-Kelly and a young girl. The event spawned the now famous satirical song by Dave Chapel ”I’m going to piss on you”

The core of the fetish likely comes from the idea of degradation or embarrassment. in our modern culture there is perhaps nothing quite as embarrassing as urinating or defecating yourself. With the invention of the toilet and clothing we learn from a very early age that such things make us look childish and lacking control over ourselves.

The basic key to any fetish is an association between a repeated action and a given amount of pleasure, much like touching the stove might result in a negative reaction, so to would eating candy result in a positive one. In the case of Watersports one might go out on a limb to assume that the cause of such things may relate to incidents in child hood in which the one getting aroused was forced to hold it in, and the simple joy of going to the bathroom brought them happiness.

Or perhaps it is the joy which comes from being, or seeing embarrassment, perhaps they were a bully at school and it brought them some form of Joy to embarrass their peers, and because of the translation that urination == embarrassment, they now have a sexual fetish revolving around it.


Ultimately, I could be wrong on all of these, they are for the most part shots in the dark relying on the already sparse data and research on the various fetishes. Many of them are relatively new, something I imagine was sparked by the ability to create communities on the internet. In that setting one could filter out dissenting voices that oppose the fetish and allow those with even the faintest inkling of arousal to feel safe / in the right about their fetish.

In addition to this it should be emphasized that the fetishes are almost categorically never stand alone and find themselves intertwined with many others. This combination of fetishes makes the conclusions regarding their cause even more complex and troublesome to find.

If nothing else, I hope you have learned a few worthless facts about the fetishes that exist across the Globe. As always, feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe to the blog or post about how you were looking for porn and this is what came up.

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2 Responses to Why the Fetish

  1. Caudoviral says:

    Just wanted to say that I found this quite an entertaining and edifying read. Of course, any one of these could be split down into multiple whole studies on its own so it is hard to draw any firm conclusions, but I thought you did a pretty good job with exploring these different spins on human sexuality and keeping an open mind.

  2. Nick says:

    Good post! I encountered that pedo and friends thing a few years back and never quite understood it. This article gave me insight. All those weirdo things I see when I do simple Google Image searches actually have names to them.

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