Ohh… I’m the cancer killing True Reddit

A few months ago I had made a post about how Reddit was getting worse and I blamed people like myself for causing the degradation of the site. As I sit here today though, I’m not sure if I should feel a sense of pride or failure in the notion that I have been personally identified as a failure point for True Reddit. Let me just explain a bit.

WordPress is usually pretty good about letting you know when you are getting large surges in traffic, it does this by collecting lots of pointless spam bots in the filter and passing along a message that you have post waiting in moderation. On top of this, it is also pretty handy about letting you know just where that traffic is coming from, and in the case of a recent adventure it was coming from this comment: http://www.reddit.com/r/MetaTrueReddit/comments/epnt7/worried_about_rtruereddit/c19xqo9

Now, Meta True Reddit was essentially established to serve as a place where “True Redditors” or some such nonsense could go and discuss possible signs of failure within the True Reddit community. The idea is actually pretty solid, and when I discussed True Reddit in my original post I made mention of the fact that a similar system would need to be in place to ensure that True Reddit doesn’t become a victim of surging popularity. In this way, True Reddit could remain a location where quality articles would be posted, analyzed, and discussed. I’m not really sure if that is the “vision” of reddit that it’s creators were aiming for but I know that I keep it on my front page because there are often genuinely interesting articles.

Now, when I wrote the post “How do we sleep when our beds are burning“, one of the first things I did was sent out a message on facebook to my friends asking them to let me know what they thought. I got a lot of feedback from posting it on facebook, but most of it was from friends and family who don’t have a lot of time and probably weren’t expecting to read some 5,000 word essay. The point of the matter is that it wasn’t really the sort of criticism I was looking for. As the article was originally going to be a post in /r/askReddit anyway, I thought it might be appropriate to post it there. This thought was quickly silenced when I realized the original reason I didn’t post it to /r/askReddit was because I wasn’t sure if there was a character limit for self post, and more importantly I think I would have just gotten tl;dr. So, I finally thought to myself “Well maybe True Reddit will feel like reading it and give me some grammar / idea feedback and the likes”.

Having a unique hatred of blog spam, I felt a good bit hypocritical even thinking of doing a self post asking for criticism and grammatical advice of the piece, but I figured I could count on the Reddit community to pick out flaws I missed when I had done my editing. I was really proud of myself for actually going back through, rereading, and rewriting segments of the article as it wasn’t something I even did with school papers all that often. Of course, True Reddit, remaining true to their nature told me exactly what was wrong with it here. I was incredibly happy to hear some feed back on what I had written; because, I would love to actually write quality content and one of the first steps in doing that is being told what you are doing wrong. I was going to go back and add sources to the piece [as that was one of the largest complaints], but it was late November and Finals were just around the corner, so I put it off.

Someone in the thread mentioned that the folks in /r/LostGeneration might like it and it gained a fair amount of popularity over there. I thought that it was the end of the whole affair and decided that while I could not edit the piece with any amount of time for school,  that in future articles I wrote I could take what was said to heart and learn from it. Much to my surprise some weeks later, apparently someone had posted the article [rather than a self post] to /r/TrueReddit and it took off [well it was popular I should say]. Now, the post had some minor edits, but the overall structure was quite a bit of a ramble past the point of discussing the college system [and very much still is], and I think that irritated some of the folks in Meta True Reddit that it was doing so well.

I write this today because I was awoken by another surge in traffic thanks to my ever persistent phone. The post comes from /r/politics and has met with the expected amount of mixed reviews. One of the comments referred to me as self-important, which I think hurt at small level. I’ve always been pretty lacking in confidence as it was, but what I’ve always been scared of is being thought of as arrogant. I can deal with the idea of being confident, as if you want to ever have a chance of dating a girl, that is almost required, but to be called self-important burned a little more than I care to admit. I think that’s what prompted me to respond to the /r/politics post, as anything regarding constructive criticism was said in full in the various other postings of the article.

In truth, I’m not really sure why I wrote this post, as I’ve had a few on the back burner that I’ve wanted to talk about. [this sentence, aside, rest of sentence structure can’t be to good on repeat. I think I’m committing some sort of English terror ritual and don’t know it.] But as this is a blog [despite what the title suggest], I thought it worth some amount of effort to discuss my feelings at some level about the whole thing.  I hope at some level that my writing style has changed enough to warrant making it more readable, and I do truly appreciate those who have given positive feedback. It’s a lot more encouraging than I think they know.

I know for a fact that I will probably never be any kind of great writer, but some port of me hopes that my post are at the very least slowly getting better. Anyway, I apologize for the self loathing and pity pandering [though I warned you about this on the about page]. I’ll hopefully have something more amusing or insightful written tomorrow about a more interesting topic [that is not WoW related].

P.S – I would like to add on a final note, for the sake of clarity, that I only have and will only ever maintain one Reddit account. If you are looking for me on Reddit just look for voreSnake. Originally I was going to jump on the whole “Novelty Account” theme and make funny post relating to vore, but it never really took off or people didn’t get the joke [I am weighing on the former rather than the latter]. The long and short of this story is that it is now my only account on Reddit.

I should probably also see the either humor or hypocrisy of complaining about being called self important and then writing a post about how I am killing True Reddit.

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