Ricky Gervais and the Golden Globes

If you haven’t heard already, poor Ricky Gervais was banned from the golden globes after a night of tearing apart the various stars and the entire infrastructure of the Golden Globes [1]. If you’re anything like me, than you haven’t been watching TV ever since the creation of Hulu and Netflix and likely missed this celebration of mediocrity. For a full recap of what it is that Ricky said you can of course check out his beautiful monologue here.

He would proceed to later tear into actors like Tim Allen, and even got a quick shot in at God and the religious establishment [We’re proud of you Ricky].  Now, this has ruffled some feathers in the establishment that is the corporate end of Hollywood, as they seem to forget that with the loss of the American Cinema and Television to the more internationally based internet they simply aren’t as relevant.

Some of the quotes in the AOL [shudder] post point out that he will never host the Golden Globes again and that he has somehow made a huge mistake. I have to ask though, what kind of mistake has Ricky here made? Was it that he quintessentially lambasted Hollywood’s elite for being the trash that everyone thinks they are? Was it that he chose call the Golden Globes on its corruption? Was it that he presented a very “Foreign” concept of an actual living breathing atheist on a American soil and somehow in our precious awards show?

So where do they get off judging him for telling what easily amounts to the truth of the matter? Did anyone actually see tourist? Did you know that Tim Allen was a former coke head who snitched on his entire line of suppliers to keep him from getting a life sentence [2]? Probably not, and if it hadn’t popped up on Reddit, I probably wouldn’t have heard about it. I remain resolute that he was well within his right to roast that corrupt little organization right on their own stage.

I mean hell, they did invite him back after he shit all over them in the first round. I guess they just figured “Hey.. that’s his schtick”, not realizing that letting him back on stage would just let him say what he didn’t get to the first time round. A lot of them have accused him of being harsh and making our perspicuous starlets and actors all nervous on the big screen, trying to laugh when deep down inside they wanted to take that vase of flowers on the table and crack his head open with it.

Of course, none of what he said isn’t tossed around by the Friars club during a roast, in fact his was pretty soft in comparison. I guess they just weren’t prepared to miss out on their ego blow job and were surprised when it was a healthy joke at their corrupt asses expense.

So, in the long and short of it? Ricky Gervais will be fine because this is the kind of thing that the UK is used to, and guess where he’s actually popular? There will be no repercussions on his career because Gervais doesn’t need Hollywood to be popular, and the irrelevant members who compose that little Golden Globes festival aren’t going to change that.

On the Atheism

I’d also like to comment on the little quip that he got in at the end of the night’s events [as I think by this point they had probably already told him he was never coming back].

You might want to turn that one up a little as it was recorded with a camcorder [as per youtube’s style]. The cool thing here is that we have a real human being [not a fictional character] who is talking about his atheism. You don’t get to see that a lot on any form of national TV here in the states. I mean sure you will get the occasional fictional character who is the staunch atheist, but by the end of the piece he always is magically converted. In fact, save Dr. House, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen an atheist portrayed in a positive light in the American Fictional Media. To further that point, it’s kind of a stretch to say that Dr. House is a positively portrayed character.

So it was kind of awesome, kind of sad to hear those words from a real person on an event that… oh wait. Oh right, this event has television viewership on par with reruns of MASH [Whens the last time you watched the Golden Globes and it wasn’t on Youtube from and “Outrageous moments” clip?].

Anyway, the long and short of this post is that Ricky Gervais is awesome and that ego slap was mild.

But… I’m just one man… a man who just recently got the ability to add polls [because I finally signed up for PollDaddy]. What do you think of Ricky Gervais’s behavior at the Golden Globes?

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