lol Alabama

That title was initially just going to be a joke so I could be inspired to write this at a later time, but seriously nothing can really quite capture the essence of everything that is wrong with Alabama and its new governor quite like that.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Alabama Governor decided that in his speech today he’d come off as an intolerant asshole. You see, he decided that he would say (and I quote)

“Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother”.

– Robert Bentley (Al. Governor 2011)

Now, if you remember there was a quote attributed to George H. W. Bush sometime back [1] in the 90’s while he had his presidency that essentially said that atheist shouldn’t be considered Patriots or the likes. Now, with that quote there was always a healthy amount of skepticism because it was never said in front of a microphone and it was just the world of some stray reporter.

With this quote you get not only this ballsy sort of publicity, but you also have a nice mix of downright… well hatred. The quote says that those who don’t follow Jesus Christ (That’s Jews, Hindu,  Buddhism, Atheist, Agnostic, Wicca, etc.) is not his brother. Now usually coming from a Christian, not being called their brother is about as insulting as not being invited over for church (i.e. not that big a deal). But that’s more on a personal basis and perhaps more importantly I’m used to this kind of nonsense. This man is a public official for the State of Alabama and just called anyone who wasn’t a Christian not his brother (I think Christians take that kind of stuff seriously).

The cool thing here is going to be the fallout. You see Alabama isn’t as hick driven as some might think. This is probably in part due to the fact that Huntsville is still somewhere on the map staying as a safe haven for NASA. On top of this, while some of the more feverish Christians are all for telling other religions to fuck right off, the more cafeteria breed christian probably finds this just as stupid and needlessly offensive as I should.

So, I have no clue what will happen, BUT it does go to show that Alabama governors have a unique habit of making complete asses of themselves.If I were going to take a guess, I’d assume that some amount of his staff will say something to the tune of “You might want to take that back sir”, and he’ll begrudgingly take back his statement. He won’t get impeached because Alabama works in reverse, and they still haven’t quite figured out that you can actually overthrow monarchs (It’s cool, I’m from Tennessee, as long as the Crimson Tide Exist I can make fun of them).

Seriously, I can’t believe he said that in front of the AP. (/facepalm)

Edit: 6:00PM

According to this it would appear that he has decided to repeal it after a meeting with Jewish leaders. I think I totally called that one [regardless of how easy it was to call].

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