Seriously, fuck Vi.

Alright, so one of the things that you start to do as you get more and more into the technological field is learn that people have certain preferences for certain things. Whether it be Windows, Mac, or Linux or something as simple as what type of media player that people like to run. In the long and short of it you start to see patterns in it all with certain people liking certain things. And before I go off into this technology based rant I would like to make it clear that I do not hate or think that people who use Vi or Vim are bad people, I just [personally] do not like it. This is nothing more than an opinion from someone who has spent a fairly decent amount of time working with multiple operating systems.

Vi is god damn obsolete

And were it not for the fact that Gnome and KDE can be god awful to deal with sometimes, I’d argue that the console that it tends to sit in is obsolete too. But no, let me explain to you why the great, powerful, and ever prevalent Vi [and it’s multicolored cousins] can blow me. Now, if you have ever done anything [and I do mean anything] with Unix, Linux and any of the cousins you are going to hear about Vi at some point. It’s the basic [ok more powerful than basic] text editor that comes with the OS. It has some nifty commands [dd for deleting an entire line, etc] and has become hailed as about the only way to write code if you are pro.

We invented the mouse though, and thus every single thing that made Vi cool and hip was immediately destroyed. Now, I am forced to admit that most console based OS’s do not in fact have any sort of mouse driver, and without a GUI a mouse is incredibly limited in what it can actually do. But putting that aside, there is no single command that I can think of present in Vi that notepad and a mouse couldn’t do better. Do you want to delete an entire line? Select the entire god damn line and delete it. And if you’re on a mac, we invented the ctrl button to that kind of nonsense for you. I submit to you [despite my previous assertions that this is only an opinion] that any one who willingly uses Vi in order to code is a moron.

We live in an age where Visual Studio, Netbeans, and Eclipse all exist to serve our precious coding needs. Unless you somehow feel the desire to compose your entire project through the command line, I see no reason not to develop code on a more intelligent system. Yes, you can move over your files [Samba, NFS, FTP, or even SSH, the list goes on] when you are done if you want the server that you’re going to run the code on to be as efficient as possible. But why would you willingly neglect to use resources that are available to you. Using an IDE does not make you less of a coder, or any less of a Computer Scientist. Yes, there is something to be said about the development of algorithms or the use of more complex coding structures than “lolObjects”, but to think that using an IDE makes it any less efficient is like watching an old Unix admin struggle to use the command line and “ls” while I’m busy firing up explorer and making use of the GUI’s we invented back in the early 90’s.

So no, you will not find me sitting in a computer closet, slowly tweaking my file partitions for the 37th time this week just to make sure that /var/log doesn’t fill up yet again. You will not find me hovering over a FreeBSD box wondering why in the world they couldn’t be bothered to look at their neighbors CentOS and see what a well done package system looks like. No instead Vi, Vim, and all of the various colors of the Unix Editing Satan rainbow which only feel my lungs with ire. As I look down upon these long forgotten relics of the past and hold above my head something the great god of computing Xerox created, with a not so furry tail, and two perfectly [sometimes one] good buttons at its head I can only say this.



Vi's true Form

Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula...



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8 Responses to Seriously, fuck Vi.

  1. James Miller says:

    Yes, Vi has a steep learning curve, one that takes *years* to master, but once you program from the terminal/shell you never want to go back. Coding in an IDE that requires the mouse is like a computer going to disk, it’s just not as fast as moving your fingers.

    Really Vi can be configured to be an entire IDE, it’s just no one tells you how to do it. In your case, “:set mouse=a” from a compatible xterm terminal will enable mouse highlight, just like notepad. “gvim” has the mouse enabled by default.

    I’m planning on giving some talks to fellow CS students along side PLUG this semester on surviving & thriving in Purdue’s CS courses and most of the talks will be on using the shell + vi + tool-chain so cs students don’t get so frustrated with their tools.

    • fullphaser says:

      I’m actually kind of curious how you might have found this blog, I happen to go to Purdue University (Though in CS Junior or CNIT) and it’s always cool when you get one of those “Small World” kind of things.

  2. Fred says:

    I googled “fuck vi” and ended up here. I lol’ed through the entire thing.

  3. Dr. Levenski says:

    I google Fuck Vim and I got it here. To be honest, I’m a fucking VIM user, I’ve been using it for 2 fucking years, and I fucking enjoy it, but after, I experience my hand with using mouse again, I feel even more joy fucking ful! for example, to open a fucking file, if you use command-t, you have to press ctrl+p and type in the file that you want to open and if you want to open a new tab press ctrl + t, and switch tab, another fucking t. to navigate to a different line that you fucking see infront of you, you have go through some fucking keyboard slapping. but if you use the fucking mouse, it required only 1 fucking click! since then, I say fuck vim in every minute that i breath, if i can curse that little brad while I’m sleeping, i’ll pay just to curse that mother fucken vim. hate that shit to the bone, and the people who praise of using it. they are a fucking bunch of dogmatic, show off more than a chick wearing mascara, in fact just a bunch of pussy, if they can use their dicks to hit keyboard they probably will claim that it’s very efficient for their everyday tasks by slapping the dick on the keyboard. fucking bunch of losers.

  4. vi says:

    Well, guess what i was typing into my search engine…
    But when its not possible to “save and close” all the bullshit i have been through before then Fuck vi

  5. a heeber hobber says:

    haha i searched ‘fuck the mouse’ lmao anyway for me it’s about moving my hand from the keyboard to the mouse. Doing that repeatedly day causes discomfort in my wrists. keeping my hands on the homekeys all day doesnt.

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