You said do something positive

Back in November when I wrote the piece “How do we sleep while our Beds our burning” I made mention of the fact that I wasn’t really sure where to proceed from there in terms of future development and the likes. I would like to clarify [as made evident by many posters] that I am obviously no expert in all the ins and outs of Generational Warfare, and in truth Generational Warfare is a silly notion. This is mostly because the gap between generations is oftentimes weakly defined and more importantly generalizations about entire swaths of humanity have tended to end pretty badly. With that in mind I got bored and decided to create a goofy little video to help “Motivate” the masses of Generation Y [Or the Millennials, or People My age, you can set your own definition here]. You can see the video below

What follows is a series of questions that I expect to answer

Why that Anonymous Bullshit again? Didn’t we deal with this for Scientology already?

A few things to say about why I chose the anonymous marketing strategy. The fact of the matter is that of all the movements that we as an age group have been attributed to, the protest against the Church of Scientology by the Internet Group Anonymous was perhaps the one that got the most media attention. The problem with that movement is that it divided what composed anonymous into those who cared about actually making a difference [and I suspect moved on to sites like] and those who though the movement was a terrible disaster [and likely stayed on 4chan].

The point is that the “Anonymous” logo has an incredibly strong brand image and is a general catch all for the notion of groups moving with the internet at their back. While the phrasing are petty and outright silly, what they entail is a group which will actually continue to move regardless of opposition. Of course that never happens, but in much the same vein red bull doesn’t give me wings. It’s not about trying to feel cool, it’s about using a well known public brand to better sell the idea. Kids like to be a part of something [just take a look at the gang populations in large cities], and most of my generation is still in their early to late 20’s, so trying to feel apart of a great whole rather than as an individual trying to fight an unwinnable battle seems much more unified. And if we only provide the illusion of unity than we have had a much more lasting impact than most before us.

What are the sites you mention? is a large link aggregation site that I have talked about in the past Ad nauseum. You can find a variety of sub reddits which will more specifically address the problem at hand [such as /r/lostgeneration ]. Where you can of course find articles relating to and expanding upon the idea of a troubled generation Y. is a large imageboard which is a bit rough around the edges [by which of course I mean terribly rough around the edges]. It is home to every form of misogynist, racist, and terrible human you can imagine but It also happens to be the running definition of “free speech”  with no real restrictions on what can and can not be said.

What can I do?

Tell others around you, the reason that we are so often accused of complacency is because we are. I’ve never been a huge fan of letting a single quote define for you a lifestyle, but this one happens to do a pretty good job.

Be the Change you Wish to see in the world


If you want to do something, you have to be willing to get up and fight for it. You can’t simply sit around and allow the status quo to continue. In doing so you invite it to envelop your situation. If you want this to work, you’re going to have to do something about changing it. This can be as simple as going up to your local congressmen and saying “Hey I don’t think that bill represents me, please don’t push it through” or something far more radical than that [I leave your imagination to decide]. I will say that for everything that has been accomplished through peaceful protest, blood was shed at some point.

Humans as a whole DO NOT like change, so you have to be willing to force them out of their comfort zone. Our society has grown up upon layer after layer of abstraction and cognitive dissonance, and if you want to shatter that image you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone. We can’t simply wait for previous ideas to die off and become remnants of the past.

Why now?

Because right now, the very tools I talked about [the internet, wikileaks, etc] are being used to completely change the political landscape of the Middle East. As I speak Egypt , Yeman, and other middle eastern nations are throwing off their government thanks to readily available information. There is a growing uncertainty in the world that is being created by a more global understanding of culture, and I don’t want to be the one to miss that train. If we are going to throw off a global paradigm, if we are going to rewrite the history books, than those people need our support now more than ever.

I don’t care if the internet has been cut off in Egypt, let them know that their brothers and sisters the world over stand by them in their fight for freedom [and not the ‘lolAmerican’ kind either]. The right to choose, the right to make have freewill regarding policies and the like is a growing idea. No longer are we bound by nationalistic tendencies that the ideas of our mother and father state are correct. Instead we can analyze the various working and non working systems that have been put in place the world over.

You’re being a Couch Potato Protester

Firstly, that’s not a question. Secondly, it needs to be said that the methods by which the modern human collective communicates is completely different. No longer is it a series of word of mouth gestures [empty and the like], but instead it has become a global network of information, with the choice bits pushed through to the top. If you want to make a difference, you can do it without brute force. The great and might governments of the world will fall without a single missile being fired, instead they will roll over as the mountain of information that proves them corrupt, worthless and archaic removes the only power they ever had.

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2 Responses to You said do something positive

  1. Will says:

    Sir, I just want to say that while browsing the usual pointless collection of crap that /b/ consists of today, an anon posted the link to your “How do we sleep while our beds are burning” post. It addressed many of the issues I have noticed within the past few years of my life, as did some of the comments other users posted on that page. You managed to make me rage, baw, and laugh all with one well worded post. All jokes and internet slang aside, I feel truly inspired by that post, and this one. For the most part, they clearly defined a major source of any feelings I have relating to helplessness and frustration within my own life. At times it feels I’m between a rock and a hard place with paralysis, so I don’t even have the option of dodging the crushing force of everything collapsing around me.

    You’re right, the importance of education has been, and is still being forced down my throat. My question to this is, what happens after? I’ve read several times this evening how skilled trades are a thing of the past, which I completely agree with. The majority of manual labor and skilled trade jobs have either been outsourced, or are now done by machines. So my choice was either college, or a minimum wage subordinate job. But it appears I will still have to claw my way in to anything semi-successful even after receiving a bachelor’s degree. And what then? I’ll still be stuck in a subordinate job considering the fact I would more than likely be working for a large corporation, but not even half way up the hierarchy ladder in the corporation. I would still be a small insignificant pawn in the system with minimal influence. I don’t want that, nor do I want to be anywhere near the top of the hierarchy. Why would I want to fight so hard to make it to the top when the foundation of everything is about to give way? I’ll just have a longer distance to fall.

    What I DO want however, is the ability, or at least partial ability to make a difference for the better. I’ve recently gotten involved in a relationship where a three year old is involved, and nothing makes me more afraid than thinking of the state our country will be in when he reaches our age if we don’t do anything about it.

    I have the same questions as everyone else. What do I do about it? How can I help at all? When I think about why I have the need to ask these questions in the first place, all I can think of relates to your explanation of our generation. Not only are we easily distracted, but I feel we are purposefully distracted. Anything to draw our attention away from the real issues. Critical thinking isn’t emphasized nearly enough in the current education system, which leaves us with the motivation to make a difference, but the inability to develop a starting point, organized direction, and the ability to follow through.

    I’m going to leave my post to this for now, but all I know is that I like the idea of being able to make enough money to support myself, and a possible family, but I do NOT want my life to end without me being able to say I did nothing other than work and pay taxes the entire time.

    Oh, and thanks for the link to the lost generation forum on Reddit. This is a decent discovery for the night, and I have all intentions to look through it as soon as possible.

    • fullphaser says:

      I apologize for not supplying you with a reply sooner. In truth, I must admit that I’m still not perfectly sure what exactly can be done. The pieces that have been set in motion are incredibly complex and difficult to diffuse. What I will say is this: you have to realize that you are a single individual. You and I are simply 1 out of 7 billion.

      With that in mind, we have to be willing to set realistic goals for what we hope to accomplish, even Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King had an army of people working in order to fulfill the goals that they were looking to achieve. As such, the things we can do we must do.

      I have to admit with some sadness that this generation can at times be incredibly counterproductive. I suspect this is because we are so constantly bombarded with new information that the only way we can really deal with it is to sink into things like escapism and the likes. The reality of the matter is that if things are going to change, it’s those individuals who are going to have to start chipping away to form a change.

      At the very least, do simple things, brush up on local politics [read a newspaper or watch the local news, or visit their website]. From there find out when you town has it’s town meetings and go to them, you’d be surprised how much under the table bullshit happens right in front of the public. Tell your friends to go, remind them on facebook or twitter that tuesday nights are town hall nights and that you should go and let your voice be heard.

      Government won’t change because they know that no one is willing to call them on their bullshit, and as long as an attitude like that stands, there is no real chance for any moves against the current legislation and status quo to continue. If you can’t make it to the town hall meetings than go out of your way to volunteer.

      That next post on reddit or /b/ or whatever else isn’t going to make a difference [at least no 99 / 100 times] in the world as a whole. If the thread is going to make a difference, you can assume it’s going to be reposted 1000 times anyway. Instead go outside and head down to your local humane society or homeless shelter. Volunteer to be a guardian for women going to abortion clinics who are harassed by protesters outside during what is possibly one of the most difficult times of their lives.

      Perhaps most importantly, don’t be afraid of the judgments of those internet users who call protest in the real world pointless. Whether people choose to believe it or not protest like those launched against the Church of Scientology do make a difference, even if it’s tiny.

      Again, you simply have to be the change you wish to see in the World, you will feel mountains better about yourself and you might also start to see society act and behave more like you want as opposed to the wants of corrupt politicians and the like.

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