D&D Campaign – Introduction

Even if the source text says your animal companion can have a mount, it can't"

The mention of the D&D podcast has inspired me to go ahead and write about the campaign I’ve been running up here at school. It is a D&D campaign based on 3.5 and settled heavily in the Steampunk lore and mythology. For the sake of keeping everybody’s identity a secret, the players will only be referred to by their class.

I’ll give a brief synopsis of what happened with each session and provide some details on lore and more. This will cover what it is that the party has managed to accomplish as well as the strange, wacky, and otherwise funny events that occur at these sessions.

For a brief brush up on some of the more important things that establish the setting, because of its steam punk nature a few of the classes have gotten minor tweaks to make them more playable in a Steampunk setting. Of these classes, 2 of them are being used for this campaign, when I get a chance I’ll be sure to speak with my original source about trying to balance and post the rest:

I would like to make it clear that these ideas aren’t from my head, but a close friend of mine who has run a campaign of a similar nature, so I adopted a class he had created for this purpose.

The Tycoon Rogue

The Tycoon rogue is like any other rogue with the same kind of BAB progression and Save Progression. It keeps the same abilities as a normal rogue but gets some additional functionality for the purposes of this campaign.  At level 1 it gets a Common Lackey who will do anything for the rogue, the common in incredibly deficient but can be replaced if it happens to die in 1d4 days through some form of coincidental magic.

At level 4, the Rogue gains 1 additional lackey, the second lackey must always be named Jim. Much like the first Lackey the second can be replaced in the event of death within 1d6 days of that death. The rogue is considered familiar with the lackey from some kind of bar based encounter regardless of character adventures.

All Lackeys have an addiction to alcohol and will prize the substance above their own life.

In addition to this, at level 6 the Tycoon rogue takes control of a small factory in a DM provided town which provides an income of 300 g / month with a growing rate depending on the level of the rogue.

The Rogue may not take the leadership feat.

The Tinker Mage

The tinker mage makes a small change the Wizard’s Familiar, instead of being creature based, it becomes a tiny construct and slowly evolves over time. All of the Wizard’s other “Standard” features are kept intact for the sake of time and money [mostly mine].

The Tinker Mage Familiar has abilities starting at level 2 and slowly evolving as the mage gains class levels. A prestige Class known as the Magitech Mage [based on FF III in the US or VI in Japan] will turn the Mage’s familiar into a suit of armor to channel the Mage’s power. This class is still being fleshed out [as I’d like to save it until level 7].

Level 2 – Small Injection – The Familiar can inject a small syringe based on touch into its master that will recover 2d6 of health, the syringe takes 1d6 rounds to reload and can be used a maximum of 4 times per day. The use of the Syringe requires that the Wizard not take a standard action that round, it can only be used on the Wizard.

Level 3 – Small Pistol – The Familiar is equipped with a small Pistol that can do 1d6 Damage with a 1d6 Reload time.

Level 4 – Cog Based Sensor Network – The Familiar becomes equipped with a network of Sensors and Gadgets that give a +4 to Knowledge (Machines) for the Wizard, and a +2 to Listen and Spot for the familiar. The familiar also gains a DR of 2.

(The Rest of the class is in the fleshing out process)

The Place (Not Babylon 5)

The Party started off in a large and incredibly complex city. It is filled with factories and the currency is known as cogs [which also happens to be the town’s chief export]. The complex super metropolis is dotted with rail lines, smoke towers, and is host to all manner of citizen. From orc to human to the ever so rare elemental, the city serves as a cultural and trade center for the entire region and boast one of the largest and proudest air based Military forces in the area.

They had all received their a letter requesting their presence at a small and private train station located somewhere in the residential district. Upon arriving at the train station, each party member came to realize that they were not the only ones who had been requested to the location. While at the Train Station they came to meet fellow members who would be joining them, a Tycoon Rogue, A Tinker Wizard, a Paladin of Freedom in the service of the God Kord, and Finally a silent druid. The party was quickly greeted by a rickety and quite intimidating looking train.

As soon as they all boarded the train,  it quickly sped off into the darkness, traveling along sections of the city that were poorly lit compounding the dim nature of the already poorly lit train. It was after some exploring that a speaker aboard the train announced they would be challenging a group of enemies in order to test their strength. Within moments, the lights had quickly grown to impressive levels and several Constructs had risen from the floor holding various weapons for which to kill the party with.

However, thanks to the quick action of the members of the party, they were able to quickly dispatch many of the constructs and make off with some precious cogs. After defeating the small test, the train resumed its course and the party was whisked way to a very expensive looking train station where they were than greeted by a well dressed butler. The Butler informed them that they were now employed by his master and would not be able to leave the compound until a mission was prepared for them. They were quickly led to a banquet hall where an impressive feast had been prepared.

It was at this moment the party realized that their druid companion was not with them, they heard a ruckus outside, but the Butler informed them that it was a simple issue that would be taken care of. They enjoyed their dinner and were sent to rooms that had been specially prepared for them.

A bit of Lore

Today’s bit of lore is about the Cog God, a local deity whose domain is over the city. He is by all accounts Neutral Neutral, but will take  followers from all across the spectrum. He loves the manufacturing of Cogs and his followers are taught to believe that all things even the cells of the human body are entirely based off of Cogs. His churches are adorned with a statue of him, his hand in his palms, disappointingly shaking his head at his followers. He sometimes provides his followers with tidbits of information depending on the mood he is in.’

[Continued in Part 2]

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