So Indiana stopped funding Planned Parenthood

As you can imagine, the result of this has been a flurry of republican support pouring in congratulating the state for destroying an otherwise useful service to society. I’m not one to make my political position clear (in the real world) all that often, but this particular issue is as annoying as sin. It is by all means clearly an issue of the right-wing hating the idea of human sexuality and the poor, and that is all it is. Now there will of course be those who come out of the woodwork claiming that issues surrounding planned parenthood are about legality or saving money, these people are trying to use bullshit to cover up their bigotry.

The conversation in the local school paper eventually sparked me to write-up a nasty gram to convey my thoughts on the matter. That letter is as follows:

Regarding the funding of Planned Parenthood; I would like to refute a series of points that have been made in the past week. First, your taxes do not pay for abortions, as was pointed out those are funded through private donations, even if they were Abortion was deemed legal by the Roe v. Wade case and that has not been overturned. You do not get to choose what your taxes go to, if we could I can assume about 50% of the population would refuse to pay for the Iraq War.

In regards to the notion that it is about saving money, City Bus, which receives 80% of its funds from federal taxes, will be spending 10.2 Million dollars [doing the math that’s about 8 Million in taxes]. If people wanted to get places, they could use cars or take a private service like the Lafayette Limo. You don’t need those buses getting people around for cheap, we could save so much money by removing them. And they have lawsuits against them too! They’re almost like Planned Parenthood but you don’t have moral opposition to any icky things that they do.

So before we throw Planned Parenthood under the bus, remember that just because you don’t use the service doesn’t mean others don’t, and please stop pretending this isn’t about punishing people for having sex. There are plenty of organizations that could use a little trimming; Planned Parenthood isn’t one of them. We’ve got bigger issues than that right now.

I’d like to expand on a few of the issues that I touched on in that letter [as I was limited to 250 words].


I don’t really care what stance you have on Abortion, what your religion or your small brain tells you is right. Abortion and the issues surrounding it were concluded in 1973, and any continued argument will only set this country back 40 years.  Whether you like it or not, we as a society have decided that the little clump of cells that parasites off the females or our species isn’t actually a living human being.

Now, you can sit around here all day telling me about the sanctity of life, how precious things are when I have a child of my own, or some other such nonsense. The truth of the matter is that those who are anti-abortion are simply looking for a way to punish women for having sex. I would say more, but really the following chart does a damn good job of doing it for me:

Pro Life is Bullshit

It's a poor quality image, use Ctrl + Scroll-wheel to make it easier to read

The truth of the matter is that Abortion has given approval by this society, and much like I have to live with the fact that corporations are considered like individuals, so to do you have to live with the fact that there are people who can request an operation to have the existence of their unborn children terminated.

Now, in this great country of ours you of course have options. You can go down to your local congressman or woman like you recently did and demand that places which allow for such “terrible” things to occur using your money be shutdown, you have that power. It doesn’t make you any less of a bigot and an asshole, but it gives you a sneaky legal way to get back at those who would violate your Sky Wizard code of honor.

To much Money

Bullshit, and I will continue to call cutting spending on useful public organizations bullshit until the day that Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are no longer rolling around in a 685.1 Billion dollar defense budget (if the word billion doesn’t quite convey how much money we waste on the military, let me add a visual for how much money we spend):

685,100,000,000.00 / Year

On various projects that ultimately are aimed at fighting a military which can barely get a balloon flying, half most likely an attack craft.

So no, you will find my sympathy for you notion that we’re spending too much as compared to  the massive amounts of money that we waste on various other things. By god if my money gets to fund things like the Social Security (which god knows I won’t see) and the likes, than I think the republicans can deal with funding things like a woman’s health-care center.

Really the issue is that most publicly funded organizations also tend to be progressive in nature, aimed at helping the less fortunate in society get back on their feet. The idea of one’s ‘Hard Earned’ cash being used to help the poor infuriates most republicans because of some notion that even if your job pays unfairly low wages, it’s still your fault you weren’t born white and middle class.

Legal Battles

So, there have also been some accusations that Planned Parenthood has a tendency to respect the rights of the child… I mean not inform the parents that their child is having sex. Here’s the thing about our society today, I honestly am glad there are places like Planned Parenthood where a girl or a guy can go, be checked for STD’s and their privacy is upheld.

Now of course, this has gotten Planned Parenthood in a lot of trouble because suddenly we’d like to press charges against little Timmy for sleeping with little Suzy and Planned Parenthood decided to retain the privacy of the child (I haven’t got a clue about the legal cases, but I’m going to hedge my bet that is most of those cases, the child probably asked the staff at Planned Parenthood not to tell their parents).

The sexual rights of children is one area where this society gets all manner of touchy, in fact if genitals touch before the age of 18 you can pretty much bet that if it gets known to any member of the family there will be a lawsuit. Fact of the matter is that humans are sexually mature by 13-16. NOW before we go and call me a pedophile, I will emphasize that in American society we deem an individual to not be emotionally mature before the age of 18 [though one could easily argue this is an incredibly subjective subject], but the point remains; that is the societal standard.

Long story short, I have a lot of trouble holding Planned Parenthood at fault considering how much good they do for the area. So you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit reactive to the whole situation

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2 Responses to So Indiana stopped funding Planned Parenthood

  1. caitlin says:

    I’m 21 years old and am not working right now so I don’t have insurance. I have a history of cervical problems and haven’t had a pelvic exam in over a year. In the past I could have gone to Planned Parenthood and gotten a pelvic exam, STD testing, and even birth control for FREE. I called today to schedule JUST A PELVIC EXAM and that alone would cost me $102. I am so dissapointed that because of selfish money-hungry polititians, I can’t get any medical assistance without it costing my family over a week’s worth of groceries.
    As for my stance on abortion, I personally don’t think I could ever go through with one. But I’m proud that it is my choice. And if all of these close-minded politicians gave a shit about abortion, they would put MORE funding into places like Planned Parenthood who provided free birth control and EDUCATION about preventing pregnancy.
    P.S. If you want to read about an interesting view on abortion, read the book Freakonomics. The chapter about the crime rate in America will really make you think.

    • fullphaser says:

      I think I might have to look into Freakonomics, A lot of folks have told me I should read it, and I just haven’t gotten around to it, thank you for reminding me 😀

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