D&D Session 2 – Going on a mission.



What do you mean can't use my head as a natural weapon?


Last we joined our heroes… they had been busy getting themselves together on a small train platform, ready to set off into the world under the pretense of getting a lot of money from a pretty mundane source. So they all hopped aboard a train and were whisked away to an unknown location where they had a delightful dinner, and it is here that we will rejoin our adventurers. Are they ready to take on the mission of doing less than reputable acts for the sake of cash? Probably not, but lets find out anyway

A great dinner

The party members gathered around the table, curious as to what manner of exchange had just occurred outside, hoping that the druid who had helped them on the train was OK. They are quickly told to dismiss the matter and to please enjoy their meal by the attending butler. And as a group of people who were seeking money, redemption, and various other things that adventures in a strange land might choose to seek, they were ready to sit down, have a nice meal, and hear out the proposal of their employer.

They were quickly informed that they would be well compensated for their troubles, and that in addition to any funding that they may require, they would be forced to remain inside the complex at all times until they were released to complete missions that would be assigned to them by supervisors in the complex, they were further informed that failure to comply with this rule set would result in an  immediate termination. The Butler than remained to answer questions regarding their future employment prospects much like any good member of HR would.

The party asked questions to help determine their future careers at McCreepy’s and after a badgering round of questions were escorted off to rooms that seem to have been tailor-made for them. It was here that they were able to sleep with some comfort [all except the paladin who found his panther skin rug to be incredibly eerie. They woke up the next morning to be told promptly that they would have a mission ready to go within a week. They were quickly escorted off to breakfast, which to their dismay they discovered that not only were they not the only group here, but breakfast was crem-de-la-druid.

The party not having the heart nor the alignment to consume their graciously prepared meal took the time to ask the other teams about the various missions which they had gone on. They were filled in on the fact that a great many people had already been killed trying to accomplish these missions, and the one person that they managed to talk to was the only surviving member of his team. He explained to them that the missions usually consisted of being shipped off via train into the rest of the city and recovering items from museums and the like from around time. It was further explained that no one really knew what the purpose of the artifacts were and perhaps more importantly they were growing increasingly concerned that they would not be able to see their families again.

Lets do the Timewarp again

After a weeks time, the party had done as much preparation as they possibly could, using the various amenities of the facility [a fully grown garden, buffets, a pool,  etc] to prepare for whatever encounter they would have to go through. They were informed that they would be traveling to see a rather wealthy ‘supporter’ of the cause, and their mission was to escort him back to the central base and ensure his safety.

They began to prepare for the mission when they were placed on an incredibly good-looking [as in well-kept] train and whisked away into the corridors of the city. With a little knowledge of the local area they were able to determine that they were heading into the cities wealthier sector. The parties alchemist who was used to the grunge conditions in the lower portion of the city was even surprised to find that this part of the city had blue [not green] water and there were these living wooden things covered in strange green leaves.

Upon arriving at a private train station in a very wealthy part of town they decided that it would become their priority mission objective to find and retrieve the man they had been sent to grab. So the party went about to remembering that he liked to frequent a night club in the area and managed to get inside and lure him out. They were busy escorting him back to the train when an Airship began to open fire on the party’s position. They quickly rushed the old man back to the train in hopes that it could outrun this airborne threat.

Much to the party’s chagrin, the airship was more than a match for them and it managed to catch up and destroy some of the railing ahead of them. They attempted to fight back with some grenades the party’s alchemist had prepared and seemed to do a fair amount of damage to the people manning the deck, but before they knew what was happening power was cut to the train and faster than they could all fail their spot and listen checks, the noble they had been protecting was dead and decapitated on the trains floor.

Having miserably failed their mission, it would seem that the airships that were pursing them were no longer interested in making their day worse and quickly went in a different direction. Now the party, with the tracks ahead of them damaged beyond repair had to make the choice to get off the train and into a safe place. They spotted a building which the train line passed through and decided it would be the best place to stop and hide for a while [from their employer and whomever had tried to kill them].

They all managed to safely exit the train before it plummeted into the city below and found themselves in a seemingly abandoned building.


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