The next Reddit

So, if you have been following me on Reddit, you might have noticed a post I made a few days ago about how reddit is crossing the line from a community that does tech content, to a community dangerously close to violating the law and getting their hands bitten.

I don’t pretend to know the ebb and flow of the internet, but I do know some of the patterns I’ve experienced myself. I’ll be brief, but if you want a full read up than follow on after this

The next reddit will be Hacker News

Why do I say this? Because that is where I have started reading and browsing. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I have a suspicious habit of  being my own best indicator for what is about to get the tidal force that is the internet. This likely comes from the fact that I am technically inclined enough to catch the boat just before I start telling my friends where I have gone.

If you haven’t noticed, Reddit has gone to hell in a handbasket, scaring off a massive amount of its technical user base in favor of 10-year-old pictures of cats. The simple explanation is that the “lay people” of the internet have finally descended upon it and what they like is getting pushed to the top. About a year before hand I might have said that the subreddit system would have acted as an alright defense for this, but it seems that is failing too as reddit reaches critical mass.

Add to this that Reddit’s staff appear to be jumping ship too (hello Hipmunk). What remains of their technical staff doesn’t even comprise the people who actually founded reddit. This would be like Kevin Rose leaving, and then everyone Kevin Rose hired leaving, and then the people who those people hired being left to run Digg.

But yes, I say Hacker News because I know that’s where I’ve been spending my time of late, and if I am any indicator of how this whole transition works, than the users of Hacker News are in for an influx of users [that honestly I wouldn’t want].

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