Doctor Who. Season 6 Episode 2 theory (SPOILERS)

I really should hate Steven Moffat (The current lead writer for Dr. Who). He is the man behind all the long drawn out storyline, but there is just something about his style that I simply can’t resist. You see, he does things a lot like m night Shyamalan and JJ Abrams with respect to this kind of “Surprise” and “Twist” style writing that to some degree now plagues Hollywood. The thing about Moffat though is that unlike Shyamalan or Abrams, Moffat’s story always lets the audience in just enough so that you know he is up to something. There is never this real “surprise” so much as the answer to a math question. He will always drop these hints along the way so that when you put all the pieces back together it makes enough sense in context to the series.

For Dr. Who last time, there was the famous scene with the Jacketed vs. Non Jacketed Doctor in the “Crash of the Byzantium”. So avid Doctor Who fans know that they have to be paying some incredibly close attention to the tiny details that the show doesn’t like to point out. As such, this is going to be one of those Blog Post where I can only speculate on what is actually happening in the series.

The following are spoilers, read at your own risk 

The most recent episode has a few key things to consider so you can start to put the grand Puzzle together. First is the opening of the episode with a Doctor 200 years older dying to someone in a Space Suit. This is quickly followed by a Doctor from the “current” timeline introducing himself and getting the season going. Now if you’ve read this far, I assume that you have seen the rest of the episode, so I won’t go about to doing a synopsis. There are however a few key things from the episode that you should have noticed

Now, the thing you have to realize is that these are the “Throw you off” kind of things that Moffat likes to pull on a regular basis. The most obvious things are usually not the actual signifier of  what is going to happen. You also need to take into account that Moffat rarely likes to use material that is either not his or not from the pre 9th doctor cannon. As such, I think it pretty safe that we can dismiss things like the “Doctor’s Daughter”. As such, that just leaves us with season 5 and the events that took place during “Silence at the Library”.

Now we know that River Song knows the Doctor’s actual name, and we can assume based on her surprise about the kiss at the end of the episode that the two are more than just two people who keep bumping into each other. You see, the Doctor likes River Song and even turns up the flirting in this episode, something that is pretty uncharacteristic in the new Doctors.

There is also the small bit about the relationship between River Song and the Doctor. We know from Crash at the Byzantium that River Song is at the very least responsible for the death of a great man. At first I thought Moffat was far to “sneaky” to be pointing towards the Doctor, but the more I look at it, the more convinced I am that actually might be what was being pointed at. There is the further point that nobody really knows what River Song is except for the fact that she can pilot the Tardis, scares Daleks, and is moving in reverse. We also know that at some point River Song had been let out of jail to go do archeological things at the Library.

The episode also pretty clearly points to the notion that the child is Amy Pond’s, with the whole sum of evidence. I think this one is actually a pretty safe assumption to make, as there is just way to much foreshadowing pointing in that direction, and honestly I think the story can live with that in its own little way. I think the twist will come in the form of “how is Amy Pond pregnant”.  If the Tardis scanners are to be trusted, than her Pregnancy has already occurred or more so whatever is creating a half human / half timelord child is already in the work.

Another key thing to take from this episode is the mention about how a “Timelord’s cells are incredibly valuable” with the whole gas can going on at the beginning. I think this is supposed to be a key for why the silence are up to their shenanigans. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Amy Pond wasn’t some long-range experiment to  breed a time lord child. It might go a way to explain “The Lodger” and why Amy Pond didn’t even notice the third floor of her own house (as many fans have pointed out in Season 5).

I am curious to see how this unfolds…

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5 Responses to Doctor Who. Season 6 Episode 2 theory (SPOILERS)

  1. April says:

    I’ve always been curious as to why Amy, River, Donna are all redheads…
    Admittedly redheads are unusual and visually interesting. BUT it may be a clue.
    Donna = Timelord hybrid.
    River = companion/wife? of Timelord. River is also nauseous after nausea is seen to be a symptom of Amy’s pregnancy.
    Amy = orphan who lives with mysterious “aunt”, caretaker of a crack in the fabric of spacetime, oblivious to many severely odd things about her childhood. Could she be Doctor’s descendant? Hmmm…

  2. dphenix says:

    Your probably right in your conclusions in regards to Pond and Song. My fear is that they will do what they have done with the past 5 seasons. Where the series contained long amassing of little bits of information here or there in somewhat self contained world driven by overly dramatic apocalypses. That ultimately lead up to a flashy pointless conclusion with very little real impact on the universe or the characters which it pretends to take very seriously.
    The universe doesn’t really need to be in danger of imploding every series, and having lighter episodes that are self contained without high amounts of drama would be a nice break for the audience. I’m not saying get rid of dangerous situations, but that if its going to try having a foreboding dramatic intense atmosphere it should follow through with it. Otherwise lighten up and try having more fun with itself.
    I’m probably over thinking this at 4am and nostalgia a bit too much on parts of the older series. Good write up and thoughts on the new season. Go go sleep, yay 8am finals!!!

  3. drwhofan#1 says:

    The bit where Amy is giving birth intrigues me- I personally think amy is giving birth to the doctors baby and that is the timelord child (clearly River.) The doctor tells amy to ‘push only when she tells you to’which hints that amy is going to have the doctors baby. also in the almost people, amy is a ganger at the end. the doctor says you havent been amy for a long time. I think since the episode amys choice, where amy dreams she is pregnant. Maybe this a side effect of travveling with the doctor, seeing the future? Anyway, those are my thoughts on season 6!

  4. fullphaser says:

    Oh god, this title has been wrong the entire time D:, man do I feel stupid. That’s supposed to be Season 6 episode 2 (I’m a dumbass (-_-) )

  5. smartypants3000 says:

    If it were the Dr that would make Moffat the worlds biggest idiot. Unless the army with the Greek Omega symbol on their uniforms suddenly does a 180 (like taken over by new people) why would the very group that in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ who have kidnapped Amy and are planning on raising this (too ridiculous to be credible) child to kill the Dr only to turn around and then imprison her for doing so? Its the same omega army that is accompanying River during ‘Time of the Angels’ as in A Good Man. So why would the big about face? Unless she kills someone else. And if its Rory (like some have speculated) then why is she not more remorseful? He is after all her father. Whether she knew him well or not. And if its young river in the suit. Well, then she would have already accomplished what she was trained to do. Why would she need to “kill” him when she is an adult? Wouldn’t that be over-kill? Literally?
    And there was so much garbage going on in lets kill hitler, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching this rubbish. I saw enough clips and reviews to know I made the right decision.
    River is nothing special. Everything that supposedly makes her “special” has already been done by previous companions. Everything from flying the Tardis better then the Dr (romana-a full fledged time lady) to using weapons to talking back to the Dr, to meeting him out of order (mel and the 6th dr.) and the 3rd Dr was obviously in love with Jo Grant, and he and the 4th were fond of Sarah Jane and the 4th Dr was very fond of Romana (his one and only true equal) and of course most recently 9 & 10 were in love with Rose. So she adds nothing and she takes away from time that could be better spent elsewhere. rme

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