America! FUCK YEA!

So unless you are in a hole, than you should have been informed within the last 30 minutes or so of this posting that Al-Qaeda’s glorious leader is 6 feet under. Relevant to this is the fact that he was found in Pakistan (surprise). That’s really about the only bit of news.

Here is the thing, Osama Bin Laden was never actually all that high an objective. These days decapitating the leader of a group only work if the group can’t function without said leader. The thing about the 9/11 attacks is that the people who orchestrated those attacks have already been captured or killed. Osama Bin Laden was always essentially a bonus objective, and like a devoted 13 year old playing a bad RPG, we have finally nabbed that bonus objective.

There are a lot of people claiming this will cement Obama’s second term, they are wrong. If anything the month of October 2012 will determine if Mr. Obama gets a second term, by the time they get around to the elections, Bin laden will be a distant memory. It’s not like he wasn’t a distant memory within a year of the September 11th attacks anyway, but this is not the kind of news that will hold out until November of 2012. The Republicans will be convinced that this was the CIA and the Military and politics won’t be a factor and the Democrats traditionally could care less for the continued Warfare anyway.

I imagine that if the former Al-Queda leader was found anywhere, it was by a CIA team, as the military likely didn’t have the right “permissions” to get where they needed to go in Pakistan. Honestly I would much rather they had brought him in alive to face a trial. Call me a peace loving hippy, but I believe that a trial by jury, regardless of crime, is preferable to bringing in a dead body.

The 24 hour news cycle will probably be talking about the non impact of this event for at minimum 3 weeks (I figure it will overwrite the fact that the south is in ruins, and at the very least we won’t have to focus on the royal wedding). Jon Stewart probably got a call (In fact I wonder if he is on vacation right now… he tends to go on Vacation about the time major events happen) and isn’t really sure how to spin this into something funny, so he’ll stick with a patriotic kind of image tomorrow.

Political Scientist will be convinced that this has some kind of effect, they too are wrong. This is an irrelevant tidbit in a long stream of irrelevant tidbits. The defining moment was not who did the 9/11 attacks, simply that the contintental Untied States could be attacked. As for me, I’m going to go out, have a beer, watch a movie with a friend, and sing “God Bless the USA” or something to be in style. Than I am going to go back to standard operation.

As a former member of 4chan, I feel that I am obligated to post the following:

Osama Bin Laden

Good Night Sweet Prince (And Please Rot in a Non Existent Hell)

(The URL was the Original title)

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  1. fullphaser says:

    For those of you giving the thumbs down to this post, if you could post a screenshot of where you are finding that button, I would be much appreciative. It’s not that I care that you don’t like the post, it’s more the theme I’m using doesn’t show that button in any browser I own.

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