Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega, now there’s a movie that could have gone through a few more stages of the writing process. This movie is a Furry’s wet dreams [not that they don’t have enough of those], and I suppose if you want to take your children to it there’s that option too. The entire movie is a metaphor for wolves having sex, and no I’m not kidding. It takes bland plot elements (A dash of Romeo and Juliet, a healthy dose of Lion King, you get the picture) and blends them in a manner befitting of a small confused child taking a fork to ice. That having been said, it also realizes how much of a suck movie it is, and never takes itself too seriously, which I appreciate.

If you can get past the sex jokes (And oh at the Wolf Sexual Innuendo), you will begin to realize that what could have been actual competition for Dreamworks and Pixar was quickly ruined within the opening sequence. There are some redeeming qualities, though they are few and far between. The most notable has to be their willingness to beat a joke so many times it actually resurrects a dead horse. It also likes beating plot elements like a dead horse, I mean I was really surprised that they managed to use that sled not once, not twice, but a remarkable 5 times. I have to wonder if someone in the animation department was just really good at that.

The movie somewhere wants to play at class differences and the notion that love can conquer all, and if you’re 5 years or younger it achieves this goal miraculously. The animation has segments that defiantly feel rushed, and the voice acting ranges from mediocre to sub par at all times. I wanted to like you Alpha and Omega, I don’t know why, but I did.

Perhaps Lionsgate should rethink the whole animation thing, it’s not really their thing… at all.

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