News about the site

Starting January 7th,

Fullphaser will be reborn.
Here’s how its going to go down. There will be a podcast every Saturday starting on January 7th, going in a 4 week cycle. The first week of the cycle will be gaming, the second politics, the third technology, and the final one geeky things.

Blog Post / Forums will be available Starting January 1st at

videos will include the following:
– Vlog (Monday Nights)
– Let’s Play Video of some sort (Wed Nights)
Those are currently the only two I have planned video wise.

I will try to make Blog post as regularly as possible. All I ask is that you tell people you know who might be interested when this all launches. If you want to be included in podcast / videos / whatever else PLEASE let me know.

Also if anyone is better with graphics then I (not difficult) and would be interested in helping me come up with a design for the site I would be eternally grateful (I am currently poor, else I would offer up cash).

I have realized that trying to create a CMS from scratch would be too close to reinventing the wheel, and it would all have been to launch this website anyway. So if anyone knows a good CMS (Joomla, Drupal, etc.) with which to do this, give me a heads up. I hopefully will be able to move the post from here at WordPress over there, though I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how all that works.

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