Shows I think everyone should watch

QI – A show put on by the BBC, featuring Stephen Fry quizzing guest on various tidbits of knowledge, this show is truly a delight, and filled with lovable British Humor. A vast array of seasons to choose from, and it comes in at about 45 minutes a pop. 

Farscape – A dash of Science Fiction and Comedy all mixed into one, this show follows the life of one John Crichton as he’s tossed onto a ship of aliens. The show is pretty consistently  good and can provide a healthy dose of Science Fiction. 

Star Trek (The Next Generation / Deep Space 9) – These are the two primary shows. There’s a mixed bag of nuts in terms of good and bad episodes, but it is some truly great science fiction. With 14 seasons between them, you’ll be watching them for quite a while

Doctor Who – Again put out by the BBC, Doctor Who has an illustrious history and nearly 35 seasons of material. Of course there’s a sharp division as of recent with the “9th” incarnation of the Doctor starting the modern era. This show focuses on exploring Time and Space in a whimsical and enjoyable manner

Babylon 5 – Much like Deep Space 9, this show focuses on some brilliant military – political drama. It is has some dated graphical styling, but is otherwise a great watch. 

Supernatural – A show running on the WB (or whatever it’s calling itself these days), focusing on the lives of 2 Brothers chasing after monsters, ghost, and what have you. The constant nerdy humor and emotional roller coaster never stops. I highly advice watching this show. 

Avatar the Last Airbender – A cartoon produced by Nickelodeon following the tale of a young man who learns that he must quintessentially save the world. With amazing attention to detail and a fair amount of subtle adult humor I can’t help but mention this one. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is magic – A cartoon put out by the Hub with a surprisingly exceptional style of animation in addition to having an incredibly positive message. It’s one of those nice feel good shows. 

Torchwood – A spin off of Doctor Who with a much darker tone. Featuring a slightly more realistic approach to how humanity would deal with aliens, it’s consistently good. 

Firefly – You have no excuses for not watching this. It’s 1 season long and has some fantastic characters. A classical Western Science Fiction. 

Gundam Wing – Politics, Giant Robots, and all those things that make you jump up and down like a small child. This series has a special place in my heart. 

Ghost in the Shell – An anime exploring the nature of a post information society, in which a cybernetic society rules over land. A great exploration of humanity

Stargate (SG1 / Atlantis) – With 14 seasons, this series has hefty weight in the Science Fiction universe, and for good reason. With lovable characters and a rooted understanding of classic science fiction themes taken with a modern show. 

Battlestar Galactica – I didn’t used to like this show, but watching it without having a week’s gap has made it far easier to follow (this is a show I feel you needed to have on DVD in order to catch it all correctly). Defiantly worth watching for some darker tones on the human condition. 

Archer – A brilliant comedy following a Spy as he works for his Mother’s agency. Filled with endless humor this show always has a good adult laugh in there. 

The Daily Show – A comedy news show with well over 10 years of shows going for it under Comedian Jon Stewart and crew. Though it’s better to watch while it’s on topic, the humor is generally good year round. 

Whose Line is it Anyway – A improvisation comedy show, I personally suggest the American Version rather then the British version, but that is likely a matter of personal taste. 

Kitchen Nightmares – Formulaic but enjoyable show following a Scottish chef coming in and getting kitchens into order by any means necessary. I’m not generally a fan of reality TV, but I have to say I like this one. 

I’m sure there are of course more out there, but I thought I might share a sample of the media that I consume on a regular basis, in case you should ever get bored and want to watch something interesting. Of course this entire post is a matter of personal taste, but I thought someone out there might enjoy. Next week I’ll go down a list of video games I think everyone should at the very least try. 

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2 Responses to Shows I think everyone should watch

  1. Andrew says:

    SG1 had 10 seasons, Atlantis had 5. Also SGU had 2 seasons, if you count that.
    If however, you are ignoring the SG1 seasons that are Richard Dean Anderson-less, SG1 would have only 8 seasons.

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