Too Perfect – Man of Steel.

Have you ever looked a piece of artwork, that in every sense of the word should be considered beautiful, but you simply can not find it within yourself to enjoy it?

Man of Steel, the new Superman flick, was recently brought out into theaters, and with enthusiasm, I went to see the new superhero movie. Put together by the Dark Knight’s Nolan, music by Hanz Zimmer, all the pieces were there, the script was well written the movie so craftily put together and yet I sit here feeling as if I had just been manipulated.

Perhaps it was the words national guard on the back of all the Carmike employee’s “Man of Steel”, or perhaps it was the subtle religious propaganda… but something about the movie disturbed me a very deep level. I can’t really put my finger on the problem with the film; because, in truth it was far better than anything I have seen in the last several months by and far, easily beating out the stumbling Star Trek Franchise and a number of other stories

It was just there was something about the movie that felt so… manufactured. It felt like it wa so well put together that I couldn’t help but focus on the flaws. I wanted to enjoy the movie, but there was like an uncanny valley for movie quality about it. I feel as if someone took everything they knew should work about a movie and they crammed it into a single piece and at the end of the day I felt like I was being lectured.

The repeated themes, science bad, choice good. The Kryptonian society, who we linger on to establish that it was their science that took their choice away, that crushed them as a society. That by going out and exploring the galaxy somehow they crushed themselves. That the answer to the solution was to break away from the science, to do something old fashion.

The line the really ate at me was the “Evolution always wins” bit from the villain. That morality was something you can breed out? Truth be told it was appalling to my senses. That somehow the kryptonians don’t have morals, but this church going, god loving, superman does not because because he hung around the “primitives”.

Beyond that, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching an add for the US Military the whole way through…

Something was just… wrong

Here you have it, the Man of Steel released as this piece of truly patriotic All American jingoism. I think I may have to pass the banner for “Most Patriotic movie of all time” from independence day to this little film, because in so many ways it represents the “Perfected” american ideology.

Now don’t get me wrong, that has ALWAYS been what superman stood for. He was a symbol of America, “Our” superhero. He represented a Farm Boy who grew up to lead the world morally and militarily.

I just… don’t know. Perhaps I am so jaded by it all that I simply couldn’t sit back in bask in the beauty of it, this truly good film… but I just couldn’t.

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