This it the page where I tell you why you should click the subscribe button. Let me make it short and simple, you shouldn’t. For your own good, just go now and find something better to do with your time, I promise you, you will be a better human being for doing so. This is a terrible blog filled with self loathing and every other stereotype you have come to expect from the blogosphere. If you don’t leave soon I’ll just start linking CNN articles.

If you are having trouble getting a comment posted, it may have been caught up in the spam filter [which is emptied automatically ever couple of weeks]. If you think this is happening, let me know via e-mail at fullphaser+blogAbout@gmail.com


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  1. TheHarbingerN says:

    You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Especially after that brilliant blog titled “How can we sleep while our beds are burning.”

    But I was disappointed when you said you didn’t know what could be done at the end. Hence, why I am writing to you now.

    There’s a global movement starting to stop the things you were talking about in the article. It was the result of a rather interesting thread on /new/. It’s also how I learned of of your blog. We have a rough draft of plan/platform going around, but we need the help of people like you who understand the situation if any of it is going to be realized. Will you please help us?

    I need to go and get back in contact with an ally in Great Britain. So just remember: You are not alone.

    Here’s hoping to hear from you soon.


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