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Why Progressives Lost the intneret

It’s been a long day and I needed to rant. Continue reading

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$.post(“libarary/bin/new”, { “That wasn’t so bad” : “Nope” } function (data) { }, “json” );

So, I’ve been working on a new PHP project that’s been giving me a lot of fun, and I must confess that I was always scared to work with AJAX because quite frankly it seems really complicated from the outside. … Continue reading

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Too Perfect – Man of Steel.

Have you ever looked a piece of artwork, that in every sense of the word should be considered beautiful, but you simply can not find it within yourself to enjoy it? Man of Steel, the new Superman flick, was recently … Continue reading

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North Korea, the IRL boogyman

So if you’ve been watching the news as of recent, then you’re probably aware of the North Korean “Missile” threat. You see after the death of their leader Kim Jong-il, his son took the reins of the country. As of recent … Continue reading

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The internet Boogeyman or what is SRS?

The acronym “SRS” ring a bell with you? If so it’s probably because you spend more than your fair share of time browsing the internet and have bumped into what is quickly becoming the boogyman of the internet. What was … Continue reading

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